Teachmint Digitising Classrooms with New Products,Plans to Expand

Teachmint, virtual class management platform, is planning to tap international markets and introduce new products.

Since last year, the pandemic has put a screeching halt to coaching centres, and private tuitions. The prolonged closure of tuition has become a matter of concern for the traditional private tutors as the revenue streams have tightened. Besides low income, another worry for tutors is how the current situation is compelling the entire offline learning landscape to turn online, which is alien for them. 

As the infections continue to rise, there is no certainty regarding the reopening of private tuitions, till then online seems to be the only medium for them to sustain. 

To bridge this gap between online teaching and traditional private tutors, Teachmint -a SaaS-based mobile and video-first teaching platform founded in 2020 is digitising the private tutoring industry in India with its live tutoring app. 

Within a short span of its launch, the startup has been able to amass over 1 million teachers from over 5,000 Indian cities with its usage growing more than 100 percent each month. The success of its innovative virtual learning solutions is attracting investors for its expansion interests. 

Teachmint’s Plan of Expansion with the Recently Raised Funds 

Recently, Teachmint has raised $20 million in a pre-Series B round led by Learn Capital with participation from CM Ventures, right after receiving Series-A fundraise in May worth $16.5 million.  

The freshly infused funds by Teachmint will be utilised to expand its product offerings, hire talent and tap the international markets. 

To cater to educational institutes Teachmint has launched its new product Teachmint for Institute that will empower educational institutes to conduct and monitor all their online classes and institute activities. The platform will enable educational institutes to collect fees, record and store lectures, automatically take attendance, and have a look at the performance assessments.


Teachmint has raised $20 million in a pre-Series B round led by Learn Capital with participation from CM Ventures, right after receiving Series-A fundraise in May worth $16.5 million.

What is Teachmint’s unique selling proposition? 

A Freemium model

Teachmint offers a freemium model where any teacher can download the Teachmint app and create their first classroom within minutes.

Supports vernacular languages

This online class management platform supports 10 Indian languages including English. The app is just 14 MB in size.

One-stop-platform of teaching 

In Teachmint’s platform the tutor can:

      1. conduct doubt sessions on demand
      2. create reminders with a class timetable
      3. create MCQ tests with automatic evaluation, 
      4. take automated attendance 
      5. Collect, manage and send reminders for student fees 
      6. organise and share study material 
      7. Stream 2-way live classes with recording.

        Operates on other devices

        Teachmint can seamlessly run on laptops, PCs, and other digital devices. 

        Build your online store

        Tutors can develop their courses and test packages to sell them online and build a brand their learning centre.

        Connect with teachers

        Tutors can join Teachmint’s Facebook and Whatsapp Groups to connect with teachers from anywhere. 

Why are tutors attracted to Teachmint? 

Less or No Features in Google Meet and Zoom

The tutors grappled conducting online classes through Zoom and Google meet. Both of the most-sought streaming platforms cannot suffice the needs of teachers and students. In these platforms, one can only interact and record lectures. 

A freemium Model

One of the major reasons for Teachmint’s growth is no costs involved in its usage.

Teachmint’s Customer Happiness Team

 Teachmint’s dedicated customer service team can address    tutor’s problems via WhatsApp, or Call. 

Webinars to Assist

Since online teaching is new for traditional tutors, the expert webinar sessions from Teachmint provide tips and tricks for the tutor to help them teach online effectively.

Marketing of classrooms

Tutors can promote their classrooms on social media and WhatsApp by using digital pamphlets and business cards. 

Master class

The master class feature of Teachmint provides fundamentals of online teaching business to tutors from its panel of marketing experts. 

What is in it for the Edtech startups offering virtual learning solutions? 

  • The online class management platforms with seamless teaching processes are gradually removing a traditional private tutor’s resistance towards the adoption of online teaching. This will encourage more teachers to adopt the same. 
  • From the investor’s side, edtech seems to be one of the most lucrative sectors since the pandemic has propelled the demand for online learning platforms. They would be interested to fund those edtech startups that in any way will bring disruptions to traditional learning.


  • With most schools and colleges closed, the online class management platforms will be in high demand to enable teachers and professors with advanced features such as virtual blackboards where complex concepts of science can be taught and sharing of notes can happen easily.  
Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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