Purpose & Mission

Basics of Business Expansion: How these Top 5 sectors have expanded in India?

Who we are?

We are Dutch Uncles. An advisory to the aspirers, a mentor to the doers and a guide to the success-bearers. We are a new age advisory digital platform with expert-guided interactive content for entrepreneurs. Our tailor-made educational content is to nurture, support and empower small and micro business owners, startups, first-generation entrepreneurs, ideapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

We are on a mission with you

 There’s an identified but generally ignored problem in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India. Studies state that around 35% of the small businesses in India could shut down soon in the absence of substantial support. This missing support is a gap which, once amended, can elevate India’s business sector to new heights. 

Analysing the ecosystem, nearly 99% of Indian companies are small businesses and this sector accounts for almost one-quarter of India’s $2.9 trillion economy. However, they face hurdles and challenges every day, which are difficult to solve. Here, we step in with a solution… 

Dutch Uncles is on a mission to educate, support and mentor India’s diverse entrepreneurs so that they can Aspire Do Succeed. We are here to handhold entrepreneurs in solving day to day business challenges across the 8 different stages: Aspire, Discover, Build, Scale, Expand, Transform, Exit and Inspire. With a pool of industry experts and veterans, we will journey with you through this step-by-step process so that your business can thrive successfully at each stage. Learn all about how to start up your business, How to drive real-time results through insightful & actionable knowledge, compelling stories, thought-provoking conversations and resourceful communities.

If you have an aspiring mind and entrepreneurial passion, join us now and let’s together Aspire Do Succeed.