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Creative People Mind

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The poster is beautifully crafted with a quotation by Criss Jami explaining the nature of creativity and the creative process. The purpose of this poster is to boost creativity among the entrepreneurs and business owners so that they can lead a successful life.



Creativity is that unique ability that drives a venture forward in the path of success. It is the ability to harness some great ideas and thoughts that holds the ability to create the world’s greatest inventions. But generally the creative process is something that is not understandable for mediocre people.

The poster is designed to motivate and inspire creativity among the leaders and the employees within an organisation. It also helps to distinguish the creative people in an organisation as they are always seen disagreeing with the ordinary or intimidating to the mediocre minds.

The poster can be used for decorative wall hangings or wall posters for office space and even personal workspace. It can also be used for framing and gifting purposes. Keeping this poster in front of your eyes will enlighten you regarding the creative minds and will  also encourage you to  be one.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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