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Change Your Game

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This poster comes as an inspiration to be a game changer like Michael Jordan. Don’t just dream about things to happen rather start working towards making it happen. It’ll give out motivation to get on with your work and stop wasting time by just thinking about it.



How far can you push yourself to do things? Do you just dream about things and ways to do it? Are you looking for a motivation to get on with your dream project? Then you should definitely have this poster to give you some reality check. Only thinking or talking about things won’t help, as an entrepreneur who wants to set up a successful business, you actually have to get up and start working on your dream projects.

This poster will come in handy when it comes to give inspiration straight from the life of Michael Jordan. To be successful in your ventures you need passion alongside the constant hard work to achieve your set goals. With this poster be that leader who inspires people to work towards their targets and help the organization to grow.

This poster can be used by the CEOs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, students, employees, whoever is thinking of starting their own business. It can be placed on your office desk, study room, cafeterias, or can be used as a wall poster so that it catches the eye of the individuals.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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