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Management vs. leadership

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Peter Drucker, the most respected name in the business world, meant by this quote that leadership is a value whereas management is a process. The poster is created with this basic idea about leadership and management.



What direction or course of action is to be taken? If stuck, which path to choose? What is the future of the organization? The answer to all these questions is to be given by the one who is a leader or has leadership qualities, the one that guides a person to do things right. Whereas Management is a follow up process. 

The basic idea behind creating this poster is that management is the act of following leadership. Once the path is set, the role of management takes charge and takes the organization to that path.  To make your workspace more productive, this poster will be a right fit as it’ll help people understand the difference between management and leadership and will let them work within the given framework.

To  help  the young entrepreneurs and small businesses understand this difference this poster can be used. It can be kept anywhere, office desk, conference room, as well as wall posters.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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