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Breaking Boundaries

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When the journey starts getting too comfortable, know that it’s time to set some goals. This poster is created for the free minds who go all the way out of their comfort zone and grow.



Are you feeling too comfortable and stable at your job? Do you feel that the job is under your comfort zone now? Then you should immediately think of another plan as these conditions suggest that there’s no growth happening or will happen at your current job. 

Get inspired by Ginny Rometty, IBMs CEO’s quote that in order to grow one has to do things out of their comfort zone. This poster is designed for such daring entrepreneurs who feel that their growth has been stunted and that they need to break through their comfort shield in order to get success. 

Have this motivational poster as a wallpaper in your office, or even one can use it as a desk frame so that whenever they get too comfortable they are reminded of this that comfort and growth do not coexist. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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