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If you keep doing things that you’ve already mastered, then there is no scope of improvement and the growth bar will be constant. With this idea this poster is designed to give out the value of exploring new things in life.



How often do  you make mistakes when you work on something that you really like? When was the last time when you failed in your area of interest tasks? The answer would be rarely or never. This is the idea behind creating this poster to let the newcomers know that people without making mistakes are not perfectionists, it’s just they never dare to try out new things.

Having this poster while leading a group or even giving an individual presentation, will give out the idea that you’re one of those people who are not afraid of exploring new paths and are passionate about taking every possible way to gear up the organization. In your not-so-growing days, this poster will come as a reminder that you need to change your way and start some new ways of doing things.

This inspiring poster with Albert Einstein’s quote can be a mood buster for those who love to take challenges. So make it your wall poster at your office or home, one can also use it as a wallpaper, journal cover, or even welcome new recruits with this to give them the idea that you as a leader or colleague appreciates newness.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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