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Be Innovative

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A leadership quote by Steve Jobs that explains very correctly that in the business world it is important to have a strong and different personality from the rest. This poster comes as a reminder that being innovative is the key to be different.



Do you want to be a leader? You think you have ideas that can bring change but you’re lost in the crowd of followers?  Then you should start your day with this motivational quote by Steve Jobs and give yourself a chance to stand out from the herd.

Being a leader or innovator doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to come up with new ideas. Innovation is where you can transform the existing idea and make it more useful for the people. With this poster be that leader who is innovative and lets your employees know that herd culture is not appreciated when it comes to expansion of business.

Decorate your personal space, work space, office, reception or even cafeterias to provoke that thought among your employees, students, interns, or even the CEO of the company in order to take the business to new heights.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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