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Be an amateur

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This  poster is specifically designed from the viewpoint of one of the most influential women marketers on social media, helping the newbie entrepreneurs escape the mediocrity in their business journey and create marketing magic.



No one is a born perfectionist and creativity comes with time. Practice the art of creating and it’s okay if it’s not perfect at the first time, you’ll learn with time. That’s what a newbie entrepreneur should know.

This poster will help in uplifting the down morale that comes along with amateurity. It will serve as a mood enhancer for both the employees and the organization in a way that first time need not to be perfect and that the very practice of creating and sharing is, ironically, its own muse. It’ll become a routine first and then you’ll be called professionally perfectionist.

This poster can be kept as a wall hanging in your lobby or your conference room and will boost the employees to come up with any ideas be it good or bad so that the company as a whole can grow.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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