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Remember your Passion

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This poster created with the quote of Meg Whitman will give out the value of following your heart, your dreams, your passion in your success journey and will keep you on track.



Whether an individual is considering starting a new business or changing their career paths, one thing that is important is that it should be induced by their passion. Attributes like strong values, ability, aspiration, keenness, and karma all add to a successful business but your passion can make the greatest difference of all. 

Having this poster will help the organization as well as it’s employees to have that enthusiasm high. It will also help the innovative minds to have more positive outlooks and overcome difficulty through problem-solving. 

Decorate your personal space, your work space and start your day with these motivational words. Distribute some of these as a file cover or notebook cover to your employees to let them know the collective goal of your organization.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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