These are the 4 New Marketing Trends in Enterprise Tech

A combination of video, audio, social media, and informative content will be the new marketing trend for enterprise tech companies.

The market is promising for enterprise tech companies as more and more businesses increase their appetite for digitalisation and technology adoption to remain relevant in the new virtual and remote culture. 

Unlike B2C companies where marketing of products and services compels an individual in purchase decision whose sales is driven by impulse, an enterprise tech company caters to a niche audience where sales require rational analysis, longer consideration time, and assistance. In enterprise tech, the business offerings have a commercial purpose and entail technical jargon, hence here the conventional mass media marketing will prove to be ineffective to reach the right set of audiences. 

Tech Savvy and Beginner – The Focus Groups 

The marketing trends of enterprise tech companies should aim at two cohorts as target audience:

  • A beginner in technical knowledge and adoption: Several small and medium scale D2C and food businesses that are now pivoting to build their apps, adopt digital payments and SaaS solutions were alien to such technologies. 
  • The Tech Savvy: They are the most informed and well-researched customers before they consider buying a technology solution. In this, the enterprise tech companies need to be present on marketing channels where the informed consumers are mostly found

An enterprise tech company caters to a niche audience where sales require rational analysis, longer consideration time, and assistance.

New Marketing Trends in Enterprise Tech 

Here are some of the new marketing trends for enterprise tech companies to adopt in this digital landscape: 

  • Video Marketing: Enterprises tech companies can launch their official YouTube tech channel as content in video is easily consumable, gives higher brand recall, fast and more engagement, and is visually appealing. The video content for marketing can include ‘ How-To Videos clearing ambiguities about a technology, talking benefits, video chat sessions with corporate CTOs, and new development in technology, etc. Such videos should be non-promotional to instill belief in potential customers about your brand and products. 
  • Shake hands with an influencer: Select technology influencers based on their expertise. Enterprise tech companies can leverage the loyal fanbase of the influencer to maximise reach. Organise a virtual coffee session with the influencer about the pros and cons of a certain technology, product review, etc. This way the companies can reach a new audience.  
  • Podcast Marketing: Though podcasts and audio marketing are at infancy in India, but will soon be the most sought-after trend for marketing. According to KPMG, India will be the third-largest podcast-listening market globally that will be valued at Rs 17.62 Cr by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 34.5%. Podcasts are an excellent medium where a community of potential customers can be built based on meaningful discussions and conversations. Those podcasts that strike a chord with the niche audience are shared widely in their networks that help to tap specific groups and customers. 
  • LinkedIn Marketing: Enterprise tech companies can utilise this platform to connect with various businesses. It is the platform where the most tech-savvy customers are present. For effective marketing on LinkedIn, companies need to regularly post relevant content that has high SEO value. Companies can produce tech blog posts, create downloadable free e-books, advisory manuals, share tips, and hacks and upload tech videos from YouTube channels to gain maximum traction. Companies should establish themselves as thought leaders on LinkedIn by organising polls, surveys, and forums to understand the pulse of the audience. 

How Should enterprise tech companies go about it? 

Now that the enterprise tech solutions will witness an uptick in demand, a part of their marketing strategy should focus on leveraging the interest of potential customers. These enterprises should brainstorm in developing content that effectively addresses the concerns of potential customers regarding technology usage, pricing, benefits, etc. Such strategies will act as the initial step in influencing them to make the buying decision in near future.

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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