Entropik Tech: Helping Businesses with Consumer Insights Through its Emotion AI Tech

Delve deeper to know how emotion AI tech can help businesses to tailor marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence can decode an individual’s eye dilation to determine intense emotions of elation, ecstatic, surprise, or anger while looking at a commercial or using a particular app or website. Gone are those days when brands used to gauge their marketing impact using conventional surveys. With digitisation making inroads into every business sphere, businesses are keeping their customers’ emotions at the centre to leverage the power of artificial intelligence. To induce immense engagement amongst its customers, brands are striving to build sustainable communities for the brands to forge bonds.Gauging human emotions using artificial intelligence sounds a bit far-stretched?

But, Bangalore-based Entropik Tech is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to help brands understand customer experience through the lens of their emotional behaviour.

The inception of Entropik Tech

Founded in 2016, Entropik Tech is the brainchild of Ranjan Kumar which is a platform that helps businesses with relevant emotion-based insights to make their mundane marketing campaigns gather attention with the target audience and turn them into high ROI churners. India is a populous country with varied demographics and interests that entices brands to build products sufficing their needs, therefore to help marketing campaigns to strike a chord with the audience, it provides an AI-driven platform backed by AI algorithms to predict consumer emotion metrics.


Entropik Tech helps businesses with relevant emotion-based insights to make their mundane marketing campaigns gather attention with the target audience and turn them into high ROI churners.

How does the platform decode human emotions?

Entropik Tech with its cutting-edge camera technology tracks and captures facial expressions to associate them with emotions and track eye-gaze movements in real-time. Human beings have 2 lakh expressions, the reactions recorded by the platform are analysed with its deep learning technology that deciphers the meaning of a certain expression.

It also does brainwave mapping where an EEG ( ElectroEncephaloGraphy )headset is used to track the neuro pulse of a user to measure sensory stimulus from the electrical activity taking place in the brain against touch, smell, and taste. The brainwave mapping also gives businesses an overview of looking at behavioural data. Through its facial coding feature it teaches machines to recognise a facial expression to associate with emotion and build a repository of ground truth data of these recorded emotions based on the defined models in behavioural psychology.

Recently, Entropik Tech through its emotion AI capabilities has decoded the emotions that have come across the viewers’ minds while watching the season-5 trailer of Netflix’s most popular web series – Money Heist. In its emotion report emotions of happiness, anger, sadness, and surprise were found to be dominant when Lisbon decided to command the heist for a full-blown attack against Colonel Tamayo’s men at the Bank of Spain. It attracted higher engagement and attention when the trailer showed the late character Berlin’s cameo.

People’s love for web series, realistic dramas and documentaries has increased competition amongst OTT content providers and has left them jostling for the viewers’ attention. Therefore, emotion-based AI technology will be essential for these streaming giants to understand their audience better and expand their viewer base.

The product portfolio of Entropik Tech

Entropik Tech’s product range consists of the following: 

  • Affect Lab: It is a cloud-based consumer insight SaaS platform backed by emotion AI. It is suitable for businesses in retail, advertising, and media that need to gather accurate insights on consumer emotions, shopper experiences, and subconscious behaviour. 

  • Affect UX: It is a cloud-based user testing SaaS platform fused with Emotion AI tech. This platform is beneficial for UX researchers and designers to test websites, apps, and prototypes. With high-precision Eye Tracking and Facial Coding, Affect UX gives you a peek into the minds of your users.

  • Affect API: It provides a comprehensive suite of APIs that enable the adoption of Emotion AI tech. It tracks facial coding, eye tracking, and speech recognition capabilities. This product will work wonders for the edtech platforms and online classrooms where tracking facial expressions and automatic speech recognition to transcribe a voice note will help detect an individual’s emotional state in virtual learning. 

A conversational intelligence platform- Decode

The preventive measures of the pandemic have nudged corporates to quickly adapt to virtual working culture. In most of the virtually conducted meetings, more than 80 percent of the recordings remained unused. Therefore, Entropik Tech is planning to develop Decode -currently in beta phase, which will solve the problem of unused meeting recordings for organizations and turn them into useful insights that will help in increased productivity of the business.

In addition to this, the Decode platform fusing intelligence with conversations will transform into actionable insights increasing the productivity of sales and HR functions for closing on leads and candidates respectively. 

In the coming times, brands will fiercely be fighting for the consumer’s eyeballs to create campaigns that will etch a memorable impression in the minds of people. Therefore, startups developing products to decode emotion using AI will have ample business opportunities. 

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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