5 Enterprise Tech marketing Trends you Can’t Ignore

Enterprise tech should start focusing on marketing strategies that have a personalised approach to lure customers.

Indian businesses are swiftly moving towards the adoption of technology to work efficiently in the remote work environment, which is a shot in the arm for enterprise tech industry growth. Corporates are increasingly seeking the help of technology for better communication, cybersecurity, intent-based marketing, team collaboration, creation of digital stores, better management of inventory, etc. therefore, pushing the demand for Cloud technology, SaaS solutions, AI, CRM, and ERP software. With increasing dependence on digital channels, enterprise tech companies need to up their marketing game by creating personalised experiences and satisfaction to increase customer engagement. 


Corporates are increasingly seeking the help of cloud technology and SaaS tools for business continuity in the remote work culture.

Marketing Trends That Enterprise Tech should not ignore

Here are some of the novel marketing trends that enterprise tech companies must adopt in 2021:

Conversational Marketing

Potential customers before buying a tech product would like to interact with the brand more about its benefits, features, pricing, etc. The use of chatbots in conversational marketing personalises interactions that build better relationships and shortens the customer journeys that are beneficial to tech companies. To ease the sales conversation for MSMEs, tech enterprises can add local languages and make their business offerings more comprehensive to the masses. Customers can book a session of video demonstration through the chatbots at their convenient time that will help enterprise tech companies to generate leads. Potential customers on a one-to-one communication can receive prompt answers to their queries on customer time, elevating user experience and satisfaction.  

AI-Enabled Marketing

AI-enabled marketing plays a pivotal role in developing personalised communication for customers that can lead to better conversation rates. It helps create a sales pipeline by filtering potential leads based on specific criteria, that aids sales teams to identify which lead or vendor is worth pursuing. It can also help marketers identify at ‘risk leads’ and target them with information to rekindle interest in the product. It can run specific campaigns to its target audience that can yield better results. At appropriate points of the buyer’s journey, AI can shoot personalised messages. 

Hyper Personalisation through Predictive analytics

It will be imperative for enterprise tech businesses to opt for focussed marketing. Predictive analytics helps in hyper-personalised marketing by gathering data models, statistics and machine learning to create different consumer profiles. The creation of consumer profiles will aid marketers to design better campaigns, devise new ways of engagement, and build better content targeting the audience. Through this approach, marketers can develop a better understanding of the campaign performance and campaigns that appeal to potential buyers. 

Through experiential Marketing

Startups from any business vertical can offer an immersive brand experience to their potential customers through experiential marketing. According to McKinsey research, experiential marketing is a powerful catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing. A branded experience accounts for 50-80 percent of all word of mouth activity. Several MSMEs in India who are now pivoting to new technologies were initially alien to it, therefore tech businesses should leverage AR, VR, or mixed realities to offer the potential buyers a slice of its usage. Integrating AR / VR with the demo video content will cite the exact usage of their product thus, converting a desire to firm purchase intent. 

Offering customised Products

Most MSMEs do not have the financial strength to purchase an entire array of services. Therefore, the businesses in enterprise tech can market their products to be customisable following the requirements of the business vertical the startups and MSME owners operate. Offering customised products to customers establishes satisfaction and gives customers the flexibility to choose products that will be more relevant to their business without paying a lump sum amount. 

What Should the Enterprise tech keep in mind?

Enterprise tech, while marketing, should keep in mind that MSMEs operate as a close-knit community and can be sceptical to accept new technologies. To convince them, the enterprise tech companies should target their marketing initiatives towards the Chair of  MSME communities or unions and offer them free trials. Once they understand the technology, they will become the biggest promoters of the enterprise tech’s services/products and those will soon be accepted by the companies.

MSMEs mostly favour tech solutions that are less complex to operate and have low maintenance costs. Tech marketers should also keep in mind that the product they are marketing is feasible for Indian users. For instance, a tech enterprise selling AR and VR solutions requires higher bandwidth, mainly 5G connection, which in India is not available everywhere. 

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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