The Survival and Revival of Enterprise Tech

Traditional enterprise technology companies need to reposition as a cloud start-up to survive and revive successfully.

When companies scrambled to get on online conference apps, and remote working software, enterprise tech quietly celebrated. The market was bombarded with the need for remote working technology tools, and solutions, and most importantly meeting apps.

The Hybrid work model came about without the intention of leaving. Enterprises are closing their physical office spaces and permanently going remote. Enterprise technology will have no trouble surviving the pandemic when the demand for hybrid work technology is so high.


Enterprise technology will have no trouble surviving the pandemic when the demand for hybrid work technology is so high

Survival of enterprise tech businesses

Data security solutions

A lot of businesses are taking the route to digital transformation to survive the times. Offer data security technology solutions for them to overcome the risks from threat actors.

Cost-effective CX solutions

Enterprises need cost-effective technology solutions that enhance customer experience, end-user experience, and business results. Meet the demand to survive well during this period.

Target construction and real estate industries

Industries like Construction and Real Estate are in dire need of a strong digital foundation now more than ever. Target these industries with new-age technologies like Cloud Computing to enable safe work environments for projects that are geographically disparate.

Cybersecurity services

Organisations moving to cloud computing need to protect their virtual workplace from cyber-attacks. Offer cybersecurity services to prevent data breaches and phishing attacks for end users.

Reposition yourself as a cloud start-up

Investors have renewed interest towards cloud growth. Amp up your cloud stories to attract investor interest. If you are a small, traditional enterprise technology company, renew your products with multi cloud and hybrid cloud software to obtain increase in your stock prices. Enterprise tech companies can survive by positioning themselves as cloud start-up and investing in cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Reintroduce your product lines as cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to increase their value.

Move to the ARR Software Model

If you are a traditional technology company, move to the Cloud based Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) Software model offering SaaS solutions. The monthly or annual revenue streams from a subscription-based model will see shares soar and will attract investor interest.

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Revival of Enterprise Tech businesses

Tap into increased cloud infrastructure demand

Enterprise tech customers started migrating to the cloud when the pandemic began. However, this number will increase dramatically. Cloud centric infrastructure is in high demand as more companies go in for digital transformation. Keep an eye out for the opportunities that show up beyond the pandemic to revive from any business disruption.

Incorporate your enterprise networking company with software

As a revival strategy, revamp your traditional enterprise networking company with software. Incorporate an AI strategy to automate your cloud networking and security services. Target the software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) market. Revive your network and security infrastructure with security software like Virtual Firewall.

Enhance your enterprise network management and security services

A robust network is the backbone of today’s businesses, especially those that are either moving to or taking off on a hybrid work model. The demand for robust network solutions will be high post pandemic. You can be prepared for this demand as a revival strategy by improving hiring practices, deploying good security policies.

Tap into enterprise image data storage

Digital document images have a voluminous storage problem since most enterprises are relying on visual means for business processes. Several industries including the manufacturing sector, insurance, shipping, etc. will need image data storage. As a revival strategy, tap into enterprise image data storage. Provide enterprise-ready Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to meet image data storage demand. You can also provide additional services like image compression technology, file deduplication, etc.

Focus on strategy to deliver maximum value

Enterprises are becoming wary of heavy technological investments and advanced innovation. This is because they want enterprise technology to drive real business value. As a revival strategy, focus on a strategy that will help your customers bounce back quickly from the innumerable pandemic induced business disruptions and lockdowns. Offer to digitally transform businesses with a long-term strategy focused on improving the experience for all users.

Vaccinations and Enterprise Tech

Move teams leading important client projects to remote work

There’s no two ways about it. Indian technology workforce in Enterprise tech companies have been hit hard with most IT companies seeing entire teams being impacted with the Covid crisis. Shift your entire IT operations to the remote work model especially in worst impacted cities. Teams that are leading important client projects need to be safeguarded the most because if the entire team is impacted, the project and business will go awry.

Prioritise safety and well-being of workers and their families

To evade through the crisis successfully, prioritise the safety and well-being of your IT workers and their families. Send your teams emergency oxygen supplies. Also make vaccinating your entire team and their families a priority before everything else.

Fix remote work schedules and connectivity issues

If your IT teams working from home are suffering from tough schedules in their personal and work fronts, ease their troubles by offering mental health assistance, time off, and flexible schedules. Also immediately get their network and connectivity issues fixed so that they don’t need to struggle to complete tasks, and the project continuity is not hampered.

Extend help and support during tough times

Absenteeism due to sickness and death in the family is still very high, especially among technology employees. Make sure that you extend all the help and support you can afford to your workers during these tough times. Provide wellness benefits, salary advances, and reimburse covid related medical costs for your workers and their family to help ease their troubles.

Join the covid fight

It’s the responsibility of enterprise tech as an industry to join the covid fight along with other industries. Deploy your platform or create a brand-new solution for vaccine assistance. The most obvious solution is a ‘vaccine finder ‘solution. Notify users about available vaccination slots in their vicinity on a subscription basis.


Technologies like Artificial Intelligence which are key for digital transformation will have high demand henceforth. The interest among enterprise tech customers around this technology and tools have piqued during the pandemic. Even fundamental operations like document processing need AI and businesses are only just beginning to realise the need.

Enterprise tech companies have very large shoes to fill, especially in helping these digitally transforming clients adopt AI and similar new age tools.

Its safe to say that the enterprise tech industry can survive and revive from the pandemic by grabbing the right opportunities at the most opportune time, which is NOW.

Organisations which are evolving will need automation technologies like AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to automate business processes. These are markets to prepare for post the second wave.

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Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
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