Little Singham, The New Teacher in Indian EdTech

Read to know how Little Singham is making learning fun and interesting among young kids by using animation and cartoons and is becoming the new teacher in edtech sector.

The covid induced lockdown has revolutionised the chalk-blackboard classroom into a technology-driven one. EdTech companies are increasingly introducing gamification and animation using VR and ML in their learning module to offer a personalised learning experience for the children.

Cartoons and animation have always fascinated young children that kept them glued to the screens. Informative and animated shows like Dora the explorer have successfully cemented loyalty amongst children. 

Anchoring on to animation and cartoons, Prerna Jhunjhunwala the founder of Creative Galileo e-learning has designed an EdTech app- Little Singham for children of age group 3-8 years that combines traditional learning with games, animation, and storytelling to make learning fun and immersive.  Little Singham, launched in 2020, received 1 million downloads within six months of its launch.

What is Little Singham doing Differently in the EdTech Market?

Little Singham is a character-based early learning app for kids that focusses on strengthening the foundation on six major learning pillars namely numeracy, language, social and emotional development, motor skills, creative expression, and discovery of the world. These learning domains have been gamified and are embedded with learning videos, audiobooks, and interactive games. The learning modules of Little Singham consist of engaging story characters like Little Singham and his friends Babli, Lattu, and Hawaldar Karate that create an immersive learning experience. Gamification and animation help children comprehend moral values such as friendship, kindness, and helpfulness easily and that remains etched in their minds for a longer time.


Little Singham, launched in 2020, received 1 million downloads within six months of its launch.

The Psychology behind Little Singham App

The little Singham app is designed by award-winning educators, product designers, animators, and software designers who build engaging content to induce curiosity, increase the attention span, build their reasoning habits, distinguish and think deeply. Personalization and gamification are the two most significant factors that are embedded in this learning app.

Its reception in the Indian Subcontinent

The app within its launch of less than a year witnessed 2 million downloads from the Indian sub-continent mainly from Tier-II and Tier-III cities of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan with an average rating of 4.8 stars. The app monthly receives 2,00,000 active unique users

The Next Step-Little Singham

In the next five years, Creative Galileo will introduce multiple characters in its storytelling and is planning to penetrate deeper with its edutainment content into India’s remote parts by building content in vernacular languages. For the next 18 months, it wants to target 10 million downloads.

What is in it for the EdTech sector for children?

As long as ambiguities regarding normalcy persists, learning through screens will continue to grow. The use of gamification in the formative years in children increases the emotional engagement between parents and kids. The alluring visuals increase the attention span and create deep impressions on the young minds. The inclusion of gamification teaches new skills to kids at an early age.


Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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