Here’s What You Need To Know About the Business Mentoring Programme MSME Prerna

Telangana has many start-ups and MSME initiatives like WE-Hub, T-Hub and now MSME Prerna.

The MSME sector is now reliant and expectant of government initiatives that will rescue them from the throes of despair. Help from the government is the only way the sector can revive. The state of Telangana has been proactive in launching several initiatives for start-ups and MSMEs. MSME Prerna is one such newly launched event that will empower entrepreneurs in the MSME sector.

What is MSME Prerna?

MSME Prerna is a Business Mentoring Program recently launched by Indian Bank which is the first of its kind by the banking company. It’s an initiative aimed at empowering MSMEs (micro, small and medium sized enterprises ) by enabling them to drive greater business efficiency, optimise value and capacity. It offers training through a series of virtual programs to imbue a sense of confidence into budding or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Everything you need to know about MSME Prerna

The programme was launched in the State of Telangana in the Telugu language but caters to entrepreneurs across different Indian states. Launched in partnership with Poornatha & Co., a Business Management Consultant from Tamil Nadu, MSME Prerna is a web-based training programme that will communicate with users in simple, jargon-free terminologies. 10 virtual programmes have already concluded in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Uttarakhand. There are plans for phased, pan India programmes to reach maximum entrepreneurs who can benefit from the sessions.

Beneficiaries of the programme

The main beneficiaries of the MSME Prerna programme are budding entrepreneurs in the state of Telangana but will eventually cater to entrepreneurs across various states. The programme is specially interested in aiding women entrepreneurs in the country as well as entrepreneurs who are well versed in their local languages and dialects.

Benefits for MSMEs

MSMEs will develop managerial and financial capabilities through the programme. MSME Prerna will also generate awareness regarding initiatives by national and state governments and agencies for MSMEs. The parent organisation of the programme Indian Bank, is an MSME friendly institution that has provided financial support to 20 lakh MSMEs and provided credit exposure worth more than INR 70180 Cr. The Telangana State Finance Corporation (TSFC) will collaborate with Indian Bank to develop innovative mechanisms that will help MSMEs.


Launched in partnership with Poornatha & Co., a Business Management Consultant from Tamil Nadu, MSME Prerna is a web-based training programme that will communicate with users in simple, jargon-free terminologies.

What’s in it for me?

MSMEs in Telangana and across the country have many avenues to participate in and avail benefits. Commercial banks like Indian Bank may collaborate with SME and start-up initiatives in the state like WE-Hub (Women Entrepreneurs Hub) and T-Hub (Technology hub) government initiatives. Indian Bank has already extended financial support to about 8.25 lakh MSME units amounting to INR 63,251 Cr in the state of Telangana. Their participation in other initiatives only spells good news for MSMEs and start-ups.

By participating in the programme, you will gain relevant knowledge, develop the confidence required to move forward as entrepreneurs, and gain better decision making abilities. There are skill development exercises and capacity building workshops to participate in. The entire programme is a hand holding exercise for entrepreneurs and a unique one as well. Indian Bank’s efforts will inspire more commercial banks to extend support to Indian MSMEs which are currently in dire need of all the help it can get.

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