Yuvraj Singh Backed Healthians Expansion to 100 Cities

Healthians, a B2C diagnostic startup backed by Yuvraj Singh offers diagnostics at an affordable price and convenience.

The onset of covid has made diagnostics a key component of the healthcare segment due to doctors and medical experts depending heavily on an accurate diagnosis of the disease based on which the treatment and medicine are prescribed, and monitor the mutating behaviour of the virus.

There are few diagnostic labs or centres in India which offer convenient diagnostics i.e., collecting patient’s samples from the comfort of their homes. Even though samples are collected from residence, the charge is on the higher side.  Realising the need for offering convenient and affordable diagnostics, Healthians – a B2C diagnostics startup launched in 2013 by Deepak Sahni and backed by Yuvraj Singh aspires to expand its business in 100 new cities in the next six months.

What Led Deepak Sahni to begin Healthians?

Deepak Sahni observed that the Indian’s behaviour of disease diagnosis is by large of a reactive one rather than being proactive. Preventive measures are taken only after a disease has been detected. The diagnostic space of the country follows a B2B approach to reach customers as till now it depends on a doctor’s recommendation to offer its diagnostic services to already ill customers. This can be well understood by this example – Individuals who are obese will check their lipid profile and cholesterol levels only after the body is reacting unusually. By the time, when a doctor advises them for a check-up, the body is already impacted.

The diagnostics industry in India also lacks standardization in the testing process and methods that result in an incorrect diagnosis. At times the samples collected might get lipemic (sample turning turbid due to accumulation of lipoprotein particles), which holds no value in testing. Healthians reject such samples however most labs continue testing with such samples as they will face losses in revenue.

These gaps made Deepak introduce a proactive healthcare system that birthed – Healthians. Healthians is B2C technology-driven diagnostic company that offers highly trained phlebotomists and precision-driven labs to ensure accuracy in tests. It offers a home collection of samples for testing.  In addition to diagnosis, it promotes wellness by offering free doctor and diet consultation with every diagnosis report at a better price and convenience.


According to a RedSeer Consulting report, India’s diagnostic market is growing at nearly 15-20 percent and is estimated to be a market worth Rs 40000 crore.

The geographies where Healthians will be expanding

Healthians is planning to expand its business in cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana from its presence in metros.

Healthians Products and Services

Wellness Card: Healthians wellness card is a unique card that lets customers enjoy the holistic health and lifestyle benefits for his/her entire family. The wellness card comes with an automated credit of HCash worth Rs. 1000 in the account which can be used on health checkup bookings at Healthians. In addition to your friends and family member details, you get additional Rs. 1000 HCash. A customer earns loyalty points with its first registration that can be used to purchase numerous lifestyle products and services and they can also be converted to HCash for health checkup benefits.

Risk-Based Diagnosis: The platform displays diagnosis tests on its platform based on 25 health risks such as acidity, diabetes, immunity, heart and kidney ailments, etc.

Habit-Based diagnosis: Offers diagnostic tests based on 12 habits such as obesity, alcoholism, poor diet and iron deficiency, etc.

Popular Packages: In the Healthians offers diagnosis based on diseases such as arthritis, Covid, Pancreatic as well as conditions such as pregnancy and PCOS test, etc.

Why is Yuvraj Singh Backing Healthians?

Right after winning the ‘player of the tournament’ title in ICC World Cup 2011, the news of Yuvraj Singh being diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in the left lung made his cricket fans distraught. Though his operation went successful and has returned to a normal life, he understood the significance of an early diagnosis that can help in evading chronic diseases. 

Learnings for startups in the diagnostics Space

According to a RedSeer Consulting report, India’s diagnostic market is growing at nearly 15-20 percent and is estimated to be a market worth Rs 40000 crore. The growth in the diagnostics space can be marked by rising incidents of lifestyle diseases, people becoming health conscious, improving purchasing power for the middle class, and technological advancements in diagnosing procedures.

Advanced diagnostic testing is sparse in tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The local pathology labs are devoid of the latest technology and can provide basic testing. Therefore, diagnostic platforms can partner with the local players and provide diagnosis services. Expanding into remote geographies can be beneficial since there will be lower investment costs involved and a high volume of sample testing sales.

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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