MentorED – Skill Up To Move Up

We at Dutch Uncles are thrilled and delighted to start our Live Streaming Shows again.

MentorED is a Workshop which will be Live every week. MentorED is a weekly live 30-minute workshop where industry veterans share their knowledge and experience and discuss topics that are apt and relevant to the start-up and small business fraternity. Each workshop focuses on entrepreneurship development for ambitious entrepreneurs, small business enthusiasts, founders and small business owners. We assure you that each MentorED workshop will stimulate your grey matter with unfiltered opinion and trusted advice to save you from costly mistakes or reinventing the wheel.

If you have a great idea, it’s time you develop it and build it into a sustainable and scalable business. This is where valuable lessons from various subject matter experts can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. As an entrepreneur, one needs to unlearn and relearn various skills to transform oneself as a visionary leader. Our mentors are either subject matter experts and/or thought leaders in their discipline who can empower you or enrich your skill or knowledge.

Tune in to our Social Live Streaming of MentorED every week and sharpen your skills and personality to kick off your journey. Watch and learn trainers teach a skill, industry analysts speak on current trends, tips and advice by specialists and hear it from the entrepreneurs in their own words – their experiences and learnings.

Episode 1: Finding the Entrepreneur in You!

Our Mentor Speaker: Mr Chinmay Ananda, Financial Educator & Business Storyteller
Date and time: Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 2pm IST

Finding the Entrepreneur in You with Chinmay Ananda

Episode 2: 3×3 Content Strategy Landscape for B2B Marketers 

A grid that tells you where to invest your money and on what type of content.
Our Mentor Speaker: Ms. Nischala Agnihotri, Chief Story Scientist
Date and time: Saturday, 29 May 2021, 2pm IST

Get MentorED by Nischala Agnihotri

Get MentorED, to Aspire, Do and Succeed!

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