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Perseverance Is The Key

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The major difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is perseverance as quoted by Steve Jobs in this poster. It explains that not giving up attitude is what makes a person successful. 



There is a very fine distinction between a successful  and a non-successful entrepreneur and that is the act of being persistent despite the difficulties and hardships of life. This is exactly what this poster is crafted for entrepreneurs to choose which side they want to tag themselves.

Motivate yourself with this quote by Steve Jobs and learn from his own life about the value of perseverance. Only those who have this quality can achieve success in life. For the leaders, having these kinds of people in the team can take an organisation to new heights. Leaders can use this poster to charge up their team members and inspire them to become successful entrepreneurs. 

This poster can be used for  multiple purposes. It can be used as a decorative wall piece and can be kept where it catches everybody’s eyes. It can be used for framing and printing purposes. It can also be given away as pamphlets to the new interns to familiarize  them with the value of perseverance.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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