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This poster is crafted with the prospect of having a good sales knowledge before entering into the business. It is very important to learn beforehand the selling-buying process in order to have a good work experience.


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In the business world, sales and marketing is one of  the key components. If you don’t know your own product and depend on the customer’s review then it is going to be a long entrepreneurial journey. This poster explains the idea and attitude behind selling a product. It also familiarizes the user with the interrogative profession that sales can be. 

Having this poster will make you thrive for all the knowledge that as a salesperson you can get before going out into the market. This poster can be used as a wall poster for your office space. It can be sent as a flyer to the employees who are struggling with sales to motivate them to learn more.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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