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Leading Your Life

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The poster comes with an inspiring quote explaining that dreams and aims are not bounded by age, by numbers. To start a new venture, set a new aim, it requires willpower and nothing else.



Do you belong to that category of people who are in their second half of their life, waiting and expecting things to happen? Then this poster is just for you people to wake you up from that bubble. Age is just a number and it has nothing to do with following your dreams or passion.

This poster will encourage you enough to start with your dream jobs despite your age or time in life. Dreams or goals are not age bound, they’re free of all these physical numbers. What it takes to build up a business or own a startup is a little courage alongside faith in oneself.

This poster can be used for framing, printing, and gifting purposes. It can be used as a wall poster for your personal space , receptions, hallways, conference rooms, etc. as it proves a point that age is not required to start a new venture. This poster can be set as a wallpaper for your laptops or mobile devices. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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