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Implementation is the Key

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A properly executed average idea can turn out to be more superior and successful than a poorly executed great idea. This poster with the inspiration quote by Michael Dell is the perfect explanation of ideas and their implementation.



The business market is very tough to get into. Initially it can be challenging enough to  even demotivate an entrepreneur for life as it works upon completely innovative and rightly implemented ideas. This poster can encourage these young minds and startups at their initial growth stage to work smartly in the business field.

With this poster lighten up your mood and work smartly with your ideas and  thoughts. As ideas are mere thoughts and are very common, what makes them different is the implementation of these ideas. Even a poor idea, if implemented well, can turn out as the most successful business venture. This is the motivation behind creating this poster.

This poster can be used for framing and printing purposes. It can be used as a decorative wall hanging for your office or personal workspace. If you’re someone who uses electronics frequently, this can be set as a wallpaper. This poster can also be used as a file or journal  covers and can be given away to the employees and newcomers to inspire them. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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