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This poster is designed specifically for the survivors like Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief, who speaks out her heart with the hardships and experiences of her own life and how she overcame everything and is defined today.



Many experienced some kind of tragedy or hardships that leaves an indelible mark. What is important is how you overcome the adversities of your life and get yourself ready for the much worse situations. The days that challenge you to your core are the days when a true survivor is born. 

The only purpose to design this poster is to motivate you with the fine yet true words of Sheryl Sandberg that will keep you going in your hard times. It will keep reminding you that your achievements won’t matter but the journey will be remembered. 

This poster is designed for the struggling youth, aspiring entrepreneurs, Competitive employees and even the CEO of the companies who are in a race to take their organizations to new heights. It can be hung as a wall poster, or one can even decorate that quiet corner at your workspace with this poster.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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