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Change The World

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The world is full of toxic people but don’t let these negative words hold you back in your business decisions and entrepreneurial world, rather shut them up with your ideas and words which hold the power to change the world.



Business world is a competitive sector, where there are people who will try to stop others from reaching their goal. This poster will guide you through those phases in your business venture, where toxic people will try to manipulate you. It will give you the assurance that your words and ideas are enough to bring a change in the world. 

With this poser be that entrepreneur who has a strong mentality and who can protect their ideas and thoughts from all the outside judgements. This poster will guide the employees as well as the CEO of the organization to reach their collective destination and achieve success.

This poster can be used for framing purposes for your office desk or can be used by students for their study table. It can also be used as a wall poster for working areas so that everyone can remind themselves that they hold the power to bring change in the world. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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