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Dreams are Universal

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Do not judge people on the basis of their background, history or their past, instead accept them and their dreams. As dreams are universal and are valid, it doesn’t depend on a person’s background.



History is made by the people who dare to dream and not by discussions, self-pity, and whims and fancies of some people. Dreams have the power to change the world if it is executed in the right direction, it certainly does not depend on one’s background. 

This poster explains the realness and uniqueness of dreams and how they’re out of people’s perception. The leader of an organisation, the employees, interns, staff, everyone works towards the dream of making the company a success. They all have different backgrounds, despite that, everyone in an organisation works towards a collective dream.

This poster is a perfect fit for your office walls. It can be used for framing and printing purposes. The poster can be placed in cafeterias and conference rooms to give people an idea about the importance of having individual dreams. It can also be set as wallpaper for your electronic devices.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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