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Jungle Gym Theory

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As mentioned by Sheryl Sandberg, the ladder metaphor for careers is no longer applicable with advancement in the business world and changing times. This poster will give that idea about how careers are now more like a jungle gym and not one way anymore.



The days are long gone of joining and continuing in an organization and staying there to climb up that one ladder. The business world changes every minute and so do the workers. This poster comes up with the statement which is explanatory in itself. A ladder is more like a one way street where you can only go up and down but a jungle gym gives you an area to expand your horizon.

This poster will help you while choosing a career or even shifting jobs. It will remind you that it’s absolutely okay to juggle between jobs till you find that one perfect job. The jungle gym model is a perfect  explanation of careers as there are ups and downs, sometimes a little detour and even dead ends. 

So choose wisely and have that willingness to take risks with this poster as your companion. In an organization, this poster will benefit both the people who are at the top and the bottom line people, as it’ll give you a great view and will help you and your employees to have a better understanding of each other’s work. Therefore, this poster can be placed anywhere in the office, home, cafeterias, lobby, and even used as journals.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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