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Influential Thoughts And Ideas

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The poster describes the impact of new thoughts and ideas on a man’s brain. It explains that a man’s perspective is influenced once hit by new ideas and hence it can never go back to its original mindset again.



In the Business arena, once hit by a new idea, our mind is instantly drawn into that situation. To explore this new open space is almost imperative. This poster explains the new horizons created by new ideas that give our minds an open space of new ‘possible’. 

With this poster as your companion in your entrepreneurial journey explore the space of new ‘possible’. This poster explains the state of mind in one way. Once striked with a great idea it can never go back to the before average ideas. This is an impulse factor that dwells in every business mind.

This poster can be placed in your office area or at your personal space where it catches the attention of the public. It can also be used for framing, printing, and gifting purposes. It can make a better wall poster for working areas. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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