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The poster is beautifully designed with a quote by Thomas A. Edison, giving a major life lesson to the startup owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. It explains the value of failure and how it should be taken in a positive light. Failure is not about failing or losing hope, it is about learning and testing ways to accomplish your dreams.



Thomas A. Edison failed many times before investing the greatest discoveries of the world like the Gramophone, Bulb, Film, Movie camera, etc. Had he been discouraged from his first failure he wouldn’t have had the chance to discover such great things. This is the basic idea of this poster. It encourages the entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners that failure is just a way of testing and finding new paths.

The poster uplifts the mood of a disheartened entrepreneur, explaining that there are 10,000 ways that won’t work but in the roces sof trying they’ll definitely come across that one way which will turn the course of their business. This is the value this poster gives to the leaders, employees, and team members to inspire them to keep trying and never give up. 

This poster can be used for  multiple purposes. It can be used as wall posters for office and personal space. It can also be used as journal or file cover for students to keep them motivated. If you’re someone who is a gadget geek then this is a perfect wallpaper material. This poster can also be used for framing, printing, and gifting purposes. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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