Dataiku’s New Product Offers Simplified AI Operations for Small Businesses

Dataiku Online is a one-stop solution for mid-sized ventures to build powerful analytics projects with data preparation, data visualization, AutoML, reporting and dashboards.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going mainstream with companies across verticals that are rapidly considering operationalising their workflows for seamless working. From offering superior customer experiences to managing and analysing data for gaining insights, AI has numerous applications. 

The outbreak of the virus has accelerated the adoption of AI as now companies will be striving hard to remain relevant in the virtual environment. 

As per a survey conducted by PwC India, India in 2020 has reported a 45 percent increase in the use of AI, which is the highest among all countries followed by the US with 35 percent rise, UK at 23 percent and Japan at 28 percent rise in AI usage respectively. 

American unicorn company Dataiku founded in 2013 is facilitating the growth of AI and ML (Machine Learning) adoption in businesses. The platform lets businesses turn raw data into advanced analytics, aid in data visualisation tasks, create data-backed dashboards and train machine learning models. The beauty of the platform lies that it can also be used by people with less technical knowledge other than data scientists. 

Recently it has launched a new product Dataiku Online that can be used by small businesses to build powerful analytics in no time.

What is Dataiku Online? 

Earlier, customers using only Dataiku either had to install the software solution on-premises themselves or run it on a cloud instance.   But Dataiku Online enables businesses irrespective of their size to start their data journey within minutes by connecting to their data sources with ease and begin deploying projects in days.

Businesses can leverage the full power of their platform for analysis without having to worry about its installation and management of resources.


As per a survey conducted by PwC India, India in 2020 has reported a 45 percent increase in the use of AI, which is the highest among all countries followed by the US with 35 percent rise, UK at 23 percent and Japan at 28 percent rise in AI usage respectively. 

How Dataiku Online Plans to Solve Challenges for Small – Medium Businesses ? 

Small and mid-sized businesses that lack data scientists and ML engineers in the workforce can use Dataiku Online to avail all the same features that Dataiku’s on-premises and cloud instances provide right from data preparation and visualization, dashboards to advanced data analytics and machine learning capabilities at an affordable price.

Its pre-built connectors enable companies to integrate data with a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake Data Cloud, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. 

It can also be connected to a SQL database or simply run on CSV files stored in Amazon S3. 

Dataiku Online’s  flexible interface enables seamless collaboration with a broad range of business and data team users.

Businesses, as they expand, can consider switching to a cloud or on-premise installation of Dataiku with employees working on Dataiku Online’s platform. 

Challenges faced by Businesses while adopting AI 

While the majority of businesses are considering adopting AI, the road to companies getting acclimated to it is a bumpy one. The insights from Deloitte’s cognitive survey say that only 6 percent of business enterprises find it easy working with AI. 

Here are the probable reasons why the rest 94 percent face challenges in implementing an AI solution to its enterprise.

Lack of technical expertise

Business enterprises lack expert professionals in the workforce who have a deep understanding of AI technologies and are aware of its limitations and advancements. The lack of AI know-how defers the companies for its adoption. 

Expensive Professionals

Data scientists, data engineers and subject matter experts seek fat paychecks as few individuals opt to have a career in it. The strained budgets of businesses defer companies to hire talent for their project requirements.  

Implementing AI is an expensive affair

Implementing AI is expensive for an organisation. Tech Moguls like Facebook, Microsoft and Google have separate budgets allocated for its implementation. 

What is in it for Startups offering AI operations to SMEs? 

Several startups are mushrooming in the healthcare sector and also hospitals will be seen using AI-powered diagnostic guidance systems to help patients and models to predict the spread of the virus. In the manufacturing space, companies are automating value chain processes with AI. 

The use of data science, big data and artificial intelligence will gradually gain ground in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector as the world slowly recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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