Covid-19 Unfolds Opportunities for These Cleaning Startups

How Covid-19 is paving the demand for cleaning and disinfection service providers in India?

Disinfection, sanitisation, and hygiene have become the most valuable and now inseparable lexicon of our lifestyle since the onset of covid. In times of uncertainty where several businesses are at a precarious stage, the heightened concerns of hygiene are paving the demand for several cleaning and disinfection service providers. The cleaning startups which desperately waited for Diwali or festive occasions to generate revenues are now on the priority check-list of corporates and offices to maintain hygiene and cleanliness for the safety of their employees. 

In the past few months, Urban Company has witnessed an unprecedented 200 percent rise in the number of people demanding professional cleaning services.

 A pandemic or an opportunity in disguise?

VrLocal, a Hyderabad-based cleaning service initially began with the intent of providing hassle-free on-demand services to corporates and organisations with fumigation, cleaning, plumbing, electricals, painting, etc. Sai Abhishek Rayarao, founder of VrLocal realised that the demand for disinfection and sanitisation services amongst corporates is high but lacks supply. The cleaning and disinfection services is an unorganised market, sensing this VrLocal stepped forward to bridge the gap by offering high-quality cleaning and disinfection services and parallelly educating the corporates of its service benefits. 

Similarly, Pune-based service tech startup Inspacco associated with the Indian Pest Control Association to offer end-to-end disinfection solutions to residential, commercial and industrial properties using VIREX 256 disinfectant. In the past year, they have provided sanitisation services to more than 10,000 clinics and 2,000 banks.

Gurgaon-based cleaning service Tenon Prime is an online platform that offers end-to-end specialized cleaning services for commercial and residential premises has been experiencing a surge in its services more from Delhi and NCR region. It uses 3 LP processes of WHO-recommended chemicals to disinfect surfaces with the help of ULV fogging and high-pressure steam machines. Till date, it has sanitised more than 7000 residential complexes of Delhi and NCR region and is booming in demand for its services from other tier-I cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore. 


Urban Company in the pandemic has witnessed an unprecedented 200 percent rise in the number of people demanding professional cleaning services.

The funeral Business – Anthyesti 

We have heard about services providers from cybersecurity to beauty but one will certainly raise eyebrows about funeral services. Sympathies poured in from across the globe when it witnessed the remorseful visuals of mass funerals in India. The Covid dead bodies made a serpentine queue outside the crematoriums in Covid-19 and in midst of isolation concerns the family members could not bid a proper farewell.

Covid-19 opened a host of business opportunities for the funeral service Anthyesti meaning ‘last sacrifice’ in Sanskrit that offers end-to-end coronavirus funerals. People are grappling to make funeral arrangements due to lack of space in morgues, ambulances and wood for funeral pyres, Anthyesti formed its covid taskforce of undertakers that picks the deceased individual from the hospital and takes care of all the rituals following all the norms of social distancing. They also offer live-streaming facilities of the funeral process so that families of the deceased can attend the funeral virtually.

Hygiene and sanitisation in Entertainment Industry

The concerns of sanitisation and hygiene are paramount while shooting in the entertainment industry as they work in proximity of several individuals. However, at a slower pace with the help of sanitisation service providers, they continue their shoots. 

Life First Sanitisation is a provider of hygiene services dedicated to the entertainment industry. The company carries out frequent temperature checks and covid tests for cast and crew, sanitisation of vanity vans, camera equipment, and green rooms with Ultraviolet-C light, and also offers protective shields and mask. Life First Sanitisation services offers its services to some of the leading OTT brands- Netflix, Disney+Hotstar,Amazon Prime and other leading Bollywood production houses. 

What is in it for the Cleaning startups? 

Heightened concerns of infection spread and cleanliness will channelise more demand for sanitisation and cleaning startups. The cleanliness service market is highly unorganised, which opens new avenues of opportunity to partner with several corporates, offices and residential areas. To keep the demand for services coming, the booking of such services should be hassle-free which should include online booking or calling on a toll-free number to book for sanitisation and cleaning services.

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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