What is Start-up India Showcase?

Promising start-ups handpicked by DPIIT and Start-up India will be featured on the platform.

With the rising number of start-ups in India, the Government has a huge task of identifying, recognising and rewarding the cream of the crop. By highlighting the success of the best Indian start-ups and bringing them to the forefront of the ecosystem, the Government is paving the way for other start-ups to follow in their wake. The Start-Up India Showcase platform comes under the purview of Start-up India initiative by the Government. 

What is the Start-up India Showcase Platform?

The start-up India showcase platform is an online discovery platform for the most promising Indian start-ups. It offers opportunities to connect on a digital and social level. Every start-up has a dedicated profile which contains an in-depth pitch of their products, innovations and USP (Unique Selling Proposition). The pitch is published on the platform either through the video content format or through PDF links.

Start-ups currently onboarded

 A total of 104 start-ups are currently registered on the Showcase platform, as per the data shared by the Commerce Ministry. Out of these, 74 are product-based start-ups and 30 start-ups belong to the service sector. These start-ups belong to diverse industry sectors including Food-Tech, Green Energy, Defence, Ed-Tech and Health-Tech.

Benefits of getting Shortlisted

The benefits for start-ups getting shortlisted for the platform are numerous including access to pilot opportunities coming from Governments, Corporates and international organisations. Also, you can grab fundraising opportunities from relevant investors. You also gain increased visibility and valuable exposure from being shortlisted. Lastly, shortlisted start-ups will be recognised on India’s All-Star Start-up Repository.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

Indian start-ups that are solving critical problems for their respective industry sectors and target consumers have a high chance of getting shortlisted. Also, start-ups which have brought considerable innovation into their respective industry sectors are also eligible to be onboarded.

Most importantly, start-ups which are already recognised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) under the Start-up India program are mainly eligible for the programme.

Application process

The application process is simple and straightforward wherein start-ups need to fill a form on the Startup India official website and furnish details about the company, the founding team and submit official documents.


Every start-up has a dedicated profile which contains an in-depth pitch of their products, innovations, and USP.

What’s in it for me?

The Start-up India Showcase Platform is also referred to as India’s All-star repository of start-ups. All-star start-ups are those that have previously won competitions and sold products on Government e-marketplaces. Such start-ups are eligible to apply for the programme. Such start-ups will be prioritised by government and corporate buyers and will get the opportunity to achieve business growth.

The key areas of focus for start-ups to be handpicked by the platform include Covid-19 solutions, and start-ups fostering sustainability through their products and services. Also, animal husbandry and start-ups creating daily use products are currently in the spotlight. The start-ups which are picked jointly by DPIIT and Start-up India through a number of programmes will be flag-bearers for the entire Indian start-up ecosystem and will be presented as examples of good quality start-ups in India.

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