Start-ups Supporting the Digital India Campaign

Start-ups are banking on the flagship Digital India and Make in India campaigns to enable the economic inclusion of a vast rural India.

In September 2014, Prime Minister Modi presented ‘Make in India’, one of the key major projects to build the country’s economy. With the subsequent launch of ‘Digital India’, the government intended to become a global technology center and a leader in the digital economy. Today, India has the third-largest start-up ecosystem globally, and many start-ups are using technology to make people’s lives easier.

Along with making life easier for people, technology start-ups in India are also evolving, creating jobs and opportunities in third and fourth level markets across the nation. They are impacting the lives of rural people and customers with their new, innovative, and easy to use solutions.


Connecting rural India with excellent solutions and assistance marking grassroots level challenges, start-ups are developing innovative programmes under the banner of Digital India.

Changed Start-up Ecosystem with Campaigns like “Make In India” and “Digital India”

Unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made life extremely difficult for everyone, especially in rural areas. But in these uncertain times, companies of all sizes and industries are coming together to help people get back on track. Many start-ups are creating job opportunities in India’s tier-2 and beyond cities by using the large scale agricultural industry and technology as a support system.

Start-ups have been on an upward trajectory with seven years of government support behind them. Now, they are coming in full swing to help in various aspects, from solving the oxygen crisis and hospital’s availability to bringing the country back to economic normalcy, at-work vaccination programs and increasing employment opportunities in the nation again.

These 5 start-ups are providing jobs in rural India and supporting the Digital India Campaign


The start-up EezyNaukari was launched in 2016 in Kanpur for employing job seekers in rural India. EezyNaukari operates in more than 500 villages in four Indian states. As a technical support platform, it aims to completely change the recruitment process for unorganised jobs and the entry-level jobs sector.

Rural Odyssey

As a social enterprise, start-up Rural Odyssey aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas and connect travelers with real-world experiences in unconventional rural Indian places. The start-up chooses ecstatic villages across India to promote their culture, music, art, unique art forms and more amongst travelers. It helps the villagers generate income and provides an authentic cultural experience to the curious travelers who want to explore the diverse rural communities of India.


Udaan is a web-focused B2B trading platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses in India. It integrates Indian distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and brands in one platform. Udaan is a platform that allows customers to expand their network with future businesses and support small businesses by securing the power of technology and the advantages of the Internet.

Frontier Markets

It is one of the leading social enterprise platforms for rural women. It helps rural businesswomen deliver end-to-end products and services to the consumer’s doorstep in remote areas. This is done through an assisted commerce model run by rural women entrepreneurs called Saral Jeevan Sahelis, which is boosting rural women’s commerce.


This is a rural tech start-up connecting, redefining rural commerce by providing Last-Mile Physical and Digital Connect to rural India. Its integrated B2B marketplace connects the two ends and makes buying and selling easier for all parties involved with doorstep delivery. Hesa provides rural residents with vitality, skills and employment. Farm buyers can buy or sell various products, access banks and other financial services, and pay their bills in convenient villages.

Why is it Important for Start-ups to Support the Digital India Campaign?

In recent years, one of the pillars of the growth of India’s digital economy has been the high demand for smartphones and mobile devices. India has become the fastest-growing smartphone market globally, surpassing the United States as the second-largest market globally in January 2020.

India has matured as the next big destination for international electronics manufacturers after China’s fall from grace for various reasons, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has stressed that the Indian industry should become an export hub in this regard. To grow themselves and promote their business via Digital India, start-ups need to capitalise on this change.

Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma
Aakash writes on Startup Ecosystem, Policies, Legal and Regulatory aspects of business planning. An alumnus of Delhi University, he is assistant editor at Dutch Uncles.



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