Things to Take Care While Making a YouTube Marketing Strategy

What are the things that one should keep in mind while designing a YouTube marketing strategy?

As per a report from Statista 2019, YouTube is the most used social media platform in India that enjoys a user base of 82 percent. This indicates that brands and startups will be leveraging this popularity of YouTube for their marketing endeavours. Before startups move forward to create a YouTube marketing strategy, there are few things to keep in mind.


YouTube is the most used social media platform in India that enjoys a user base of 82 percent, as per Statista's study 2019

Tips for a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy

Investing in a good camera and recording equipment 

It will be a big bummer for the viewers if the videos have poor picture and audio quality. Therefore, before going ahead with the marketing strategy we need to ensure that we have High Definition (HD) cameras, mic, basic knowledge of video recording and video editing skills. If the video has inferior audio and video quality, it can distract viewers causing poor attention. 

Tone and Style of YouTube content 

We require a thorough understanding of our target audience regarding the tone and style of content, which will remain consistent throughout the YouTube marketing strategy. Will the tone be casual, conversational, humourous, educational or will it be a combination of all? To seek an answer to this question, we must take efforts in understanding the audience, their demographics and discover the content style that we intend to cater to the audience. 


The key to up the game in YouTube marketing is consistency. If there is consistency in creating videos, you get closer to the target audience. Being consistent in posting videos also makes one understand the working of YouTube algorithm which is vital to channel growth. By being consistent, we receive regular feedback from the audience that helps to improve the content. Viewers will trust your brand more as they will know when to expect new content from the channel. 

Aim to build a community 

There are millions of content creator on YouTube, where our channel needs to stand out. The YouTube marketing strategy should aim to build a community, since there is a probability that some other channel might produce content based on the similar lines. Building a community can help to own a loyal viewer base ensuring that they will keep coming back to your channel and will feel obliged to trust your brand. 

Call To Action (CTA) is mandatory

Your YouTube channel produces video content on various fat-losing cardio exercises, but then what is the use if there is no CTA present? How will you make people enroll or subscribe for your online fitness classes? Without a proper CTA, the audience will either watch or leave. Having a proper CTA on the video offers viewers a recommended line of action after watching the video. With a CTA we can ask the viewers to sign up or subscribe or click a link in the video description. It is an effective way to utilize most of the viewers attention and helps to define the key actions that we want viewers to make. 

What is in it for the Startups and Small Businesses? 

Now that the pandemic has hit, businesses such as salons, spa, gym, repair shops, etc. are facing closures due to the lockdowns. People are looking to gain self-reliance in tasks such as doing self-haircut, doing yoga on their own, cleaning appliances, etc. People will be looking for more such DIY videos on YouTube, therefore, having CTA, consistency, good audio and video quality will help businesses to gain maximum traction on their YouTube channel.

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.



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