Shiprocket: How Resentful Reviews Can Impact a Brand

It is the quality of services and products that make a business and brand. Read to know how to battle negative reviews and improve the quality of services.

Owing to the ubiquitous internet connections and affordable smartphones, e-commerce shopping in India is gradually becoming mainstream. The emergence of new fulfillment models such as instant deliveries, 24 hr delivery, same-day delivery calls for an efficient logistics and delivery partner. Most companies forget or put less emphasis on logistics and shipping but in reality, it forms a broader part of the customer experience. Imagine the plight of an enthusiastic shopper who bought something online and is eagerly waiting for the shipment but is disappointed when the package is not delivered at the said date eventually impacting the reputation and loss of business of the e-commerce seller partnered with that logistics company.

One such apt example is of Shiprocket – a tech-enabled startup providing shipping solutions, is attracting flak and negative reviews for not being able to efficiently drop the parcels. At times, there are no whereabouts or updates of the shipment further worsening the customer experience with the brand. According to the data of Trustpilot- an online customer review platform found 48 percent of Shiprocket’s reviews are negative. In another review platform Mouthshut. com, most of the reviews of customers were found to be resentful about poor customer service, no updates of shipment and have given poor ratings of one star. Besides, customer dissatisfaction, Shiprocket’s irregularity in services will be hampering the delivery process of several small to mid-sized D2C companies that have partnered with them attracting anger from its customers.

In such cases, what should Shiprocket do to improve its image? Branding ,marketing and social listening cannot be the only solution.


According to the data of Trustpilot- an online customer review platform found 48 percent of Shiprocket’s reviews are negative.

What can Shiprocket do here? 

  • Using automation: Most of the reviews about Shiprocket online are about bad customer service that in turn repels customers. The implementation of automated chatbots enhances the quality of the overall freight forwarding customer experience. Chatbots are capable of striking a personal conversation through data entered by a customer and interacting through advanced APIs. Automated chatbots not only provide ease-of-access and user-friendly systems but create a responsive environment that nurtures outstanding customer experiences and ensures higher customer retention rates. 

  • Put good systems in place: It will keep any individual under stress if the shipment is not delivered on time. In addition to poor customer service, Shiprocket packages or shipments were laden with delays. This can be improved by putting proper systems and processes in place. Logistics companies should understand that customers are either buying from B2B or D2C businesses that effectively demand reliance on clean, accurate data, integrated systems, and visibility. Visibility is a term used in supply chain management that refers to the act of being able to see detailed information on different processes within a supply chain. More visibility ensures the right systems processes are in place to monitor and improve freight forwarding customer service.

  • Streamlining of document management: Companies should keep manual processes and paper handling to automate traditional office workflows. There should be virtual storage of necessary documents that should be accessible at any time. The disruptions in the pandemic created the need for shippers, suppliers, and carriers to use fully integrated systems that can communicate with one another in milliseconds. 

  • Reduce consumer touchpoints: One of the customers expressed his dissatisfaction regarding weight management, where his 1kg package was charged as per a 13kg package. By contacting Shiprocket’s customer care, they heard his problem for 1.5 hrs but could not provide help to the customer with an effective solution thus, leaving him disgruntled. When a customer submits a support request, they expect a quick solution, and not that the complaint being handled by four different people. They want to discuss the issue with one person and get it resolved immediately. This will also entrust belief in the company. 

Successful online shopping always ends at the delivery of products at the right time and the said address. Logistics and delivery here form a crucial part for which a logistics company needs to set up a line of communication between all relevant support teams such that customer problem speedily takes place. Irregularities in customer servicing in logistics and shipping partners of D2C or mid-sized e-commerce companies make them answerable to the customers for the delay resulting in low customer retention and negative reviews online calling the company a fraud. On a B2B level, the logistics company will also lose business since e-commerce companies will show reluctance to partner.  

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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