Right Way To Invest: The Egg And Basket Rule

As a starter in the investment realm, this is the perfect guide about what should be your investment strategy.

If you are reading this, you definitely are interested in investing your money but do not quite know the right strategy for initiating investments. Well, this is the right place for you to learn just that. 

Regardless of their size, the primary purpose of investments is to increase funds and ensure financial security. There are several ways beginners can start their first investment, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and more.


The key to intelligent financial investment is what we are here to discuss - putting the eggs in different baskets instead of putting them all in one.

First of all, it is in your greatest interest to invest from an early age. Suppose you hold back your investing instincts for a more extended period. In that case, you can lose the chance to take advantage of being an early starter and investor, i.e., great real experience and head start in accumulating assets.

Financial planning 101 – the rule of 50/30/20 

According to the thumb rule of 50/30/20, 50% of the income after taxes must be used to cover needs, 30% of it must be spent on wants and luxury items, and 20% of the money must be spent on investing in your financial goals. This rule, combined with a reliable financial plan, can change your financial situation for good and make your financial journey easier.

Diversification investments – the egg and basket rule

The goal of diversified investments is to minimise the risk of financial losses. If you invest in different items, you will reduce the chances of losing more money if a particular investment goes wrong. When you place all the eggs in one basket, they all break if the basket falls. By dividing them, the risk is reduced.

How to diversify investments?

Variations and diversification in investment modes include different types of investments, such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc. It is also crucial to expand within your bonds and stocks. Your investment list should include companies from different market sectors such as technology, healthcare, fintech, etc.

Further, a differentiation must be made between the types of bonds like government bonds, corporate bonds and high-yielding bonds. Different contexts make a difference in interest rates. 

Investing across the spectrum can therefore help lower interest rate risks as well as reduce the risk of defaulting on the part of the financed entity. For example, the risk of a corporation going out of business and its inability to pay returns is reduced with the diversification of investments.

Investments with reasonable interest rates

You should invest in companies with reasonable interest rates and excellent overall performance. The higher the interest rate, the more income you can earn. But in general, high-yield investments are risky. Therefore, the best risk for you depends on how much risk you are prepared to take.

Keep a tab on your investments and financial guides

Investing is rooted in the need for growing your money to achieve different goals. But you must invest vigilantly and carefully. You should always keep an open channel with your stock broker, financial adviser, or fund house. Watch your investments and the people who handle them carefully. Sharp fall or rise and knee-jerk reactions to markets should not divert you from your financial goals impulsively.

In a nutshell, create your financial plan based on your long or medium-term goals, risk tolerance and vision. Do in-depth research on investment histories and market trends, and, more importantly, delve into the realm of diversification with the “not all eggs in one basket” approach to reduce your investment risks.

Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma
Aakash writes on Startup Ecosystem, Policies, Legal and Regulatory aspects of business planning. An alumnus of Delhi University, he is assistant editor at Dutch Uncles.

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