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India has made gradual progress over the decade in bringing the overall literacy of the country to 77.7 percent, according to a survey conducted by the National Statistical Office. But, sadly, when it comes to financial literacy the numbers are dismal. According to a global survey by Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC (S&P), financial literacy is not yet a priority in India and nearly 76 percent of its adult population do not understand or are unaware of the basic financial concepts. Here’s where a training course in stock market can help.

We are all aware of how the pandemic has turned out to be a watershed year for several small businesses and livelihoods. As Indians battle with paycuts, unemployment and medical expenses in the pandemic, they are forced to revisit and reevaluate their investment and savings to cope up with the adverse situation. 

According to a report by InterMiles, close to 70 percent of Indians have now placed greater emphasis on securing the future by increasing investments and savings.

Why to pursue an online course in stock market? 

Besides low financial literacy, what prevents most Indians from investing in the stock market is the misconception surrounding it. Most people identify trading in stock markets with gambling. However, gambling is a zero-sum game, where the money from the loser goes to the winner, where no numbers, statistics, and probability is involved. Whereas, an investment in stocks promises the investor to be owning a part of the company who also has a claim on the assets and a fraction of the company’s profits.

There are many more misconceptions that make Indians resort to investing more in physical assets such as gold and real estate and short-term instruments. 

Adequate savings and monetary strength have redefined the human essentials from Roti, Kapda, Aur Makaan to Roti, Kapda, Makaan Aur Paisa. 

Therefore, every individual must learn the basics of the stock market. But, how to master the art of investing and doubling the money? It is not given in any book. Investing in something based on assumptions or without any proper guidance is like an archer blindfolded to shoot arrows on bullseye. 

Moreover, the stock market is a deep well of learning that requires proper mentoring and teaching of complex terms, principles, and theories to help one smoothly trade. 

There are many online paid trainings available that offer a course in stock market trading. One such course is offered by Stocks & Symbols. 

Stocks & Symbols – What is it all about?

Stocks & Symbols aims to offer advisory and coaching to all the retail investors and people who are interested to invest and earn a targeted ROI in capital markets. Their basic course in stock market for novice investors– Smart traders of Dalal Street -Fundamentals is a DIY online course that has been curated by experts of the stock market and entrepreneurs having over 15 years of experience in stock market trading. Till now, they have trained more than 5000 individuals from India and the USA and have successfully managed 100 crores of portfolio generating 20% ROI. Their success rate is 70% on individual trading strategies and portfolio advice. 


According to a global survey by Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC (S&P), financial literacy is not yet a priority in India and nearly 76 percent of its adult population do not understand or are unaware of the basic financial concepts. 

About the course: Smart Trader of Dalal Street – Fundamentals

The total duration of the course is 2.5 hrs, in which the video content will largely cover the basics of the stock market. The course content on fundamentals of the stock market is divided into 12 pre-recorded video modules for convenient understanding. For any doubts, there will be 6 AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with the trainers, who can be directly contacted on WhatsApp. The medium of this course in stock market is English. 

What an aspiring investor will get from this course:

  1. How to begin your trading journey.
  2. If you are already trading, then how to trade better.
  3. Learn how to manage risks and make a profit
  4. Do AMA’s (Ask me anything) with our expert mentors to get all your queries answered.
  5. In-depth understanding of DIY trading with the live market. 
  6. Interactive sessions with industry leaders. 
  7. Free webinars to understand stock trading.

Who this course is for: 

The course will be beneficial for working professionals, women employees on sabbatical, business owners, retired employees, and students. 

Cost of the course in stock market by Stocks & Symbols: 

The course is free for 7 days, after which the course becomes chargeable. The charge for this course is $1000. 

Instead of depending on the middlemen to trade in the stock market, let us equip and master ourselves with more reliable, proven, and low-risk investment mantras from one of the best successful investment coaches. So, start enrolling for the course now. 

Shalmoli Sarkar
Shalmoli Sarkar
An MBA in marketing and a BTech in chemical engineering, Shalmoli writes on marketing strategies and business technology for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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