Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform Disrupts the Way Application Support and Training is Delivered

Whatfix, a SaaS-based digital adoption platform – DAP – provides contextual and real-time guidance to businesses.

Whatfix is a SaaS-based company that provides application guidance and performance support for web applications and software to businesses. Whatfix allows businesses to create interactive models displayed in their web applications. It operates primarily in San José, California and Bengaluru, India.

Whatfix was founded in 2014 with three employees, and today, it employs 300 people in six offices around the world. It serves over 500 clients, 100 of which are Fortune 1000 companies. Its mission is to empower companies to maximize their business results by removing technological complexities for their users. The company’s goal is to simplify the application ecosystem and make the technology more user-friendly for employees and customers using digital adoption platforms.

What role does a digital adoption platform play?

The job of a digital adoption platform (DAP) is to facilitate digital acceptance by customers within a business segment. With DAPs, users can quickly and easily learn to use new technologies as it guides them through the application and provides them with extensive resources to answer their questions. The software ensures that users do not learn certain activities on the platform and do not forget essential functions.

Why is the digital adoption platform (DAP) important?

Over 91% of software company failures are caused by misuse and integration of software and other user processes. Digital adoption platforms help to avoid user mistakes in an app by guiding users through various strategies and activities step by step.

DAPs help improve end-user personalization. When you invest in new technology for your business or as part of a product, you want your customers and employees to get the most out of the technology. DAPs show people all aspects of technology and how to use it. This ensures that your business gets the maximum value (and, therefore, the top ROI) from the app.


Whatfix aims to simplify the application ecosystem and make the technology more user-friendly for employees and customers using digital adoption platforms.

Whatfix’s projections for the global digital adoption platform demand 

Digital transformation is one of the critical strategies in any new age or a transforming legacy company’s plan. Their success depends to a large extent on how users adopt and adapt to these digital technologies. Whatfix’s digital adoption platform disrupts end-user applications and business support, provides context-sensitive, real-time assistance, and bypasses web applications to offer on-demand continuing education and preventative support.

Maintaining optimum customer experience is a tall order as the world moves forward with massive digitization in every sphere. Before the digital introduction, there was no ‘uniform view’ of data flow from different departments like marketing to sales to customer success, within a firm. Therefore, they could not generate information based on real-time data. This harmed the overall customer experience. In such a case, a large scalable digital platform is needed to integrate the body’s central nervous system with existing tools and techniques. This is what Whatfix is aiming for.

Whatfix provides businesses with agile business technology

Whatfix offers scalability, speed and flexibility to serve customers of large and small business scalability. Optimizing data between teams and automating routine processes help in increasing efficiency and developing a scalable business model- this is at the core of Whatfix’s digital platform strategy. The solutions support rapid growth for a business, and it can even go global with the right push.

At Whatfix, customer experience is at the heart of its business model. Early in their journey, the founders of Whatfix realized that Customer relationship management (CRM) technology must meet a wide range of customer needs. The company’s digital solutions offer increased customization, integration and reporting across the enterprise to enable faster, data-driven decisions.

Giving sales reps a real-time view of the customer journey enables a business to sell smarter. This increases employee productivity by up to 40% and allows hassle-free customer service.

How do digital adoption platforms help business?

Digital adoption helps in several ways, a few of which are:

360-degree overview of the data flow

Data is up to date – without an internal breakout

Automated pipeline management

Helps reach better data-driven outcomes

Differentiated buyer journeys

Automated workflows

Plus, digital power lies in personalization and integration. This allows integrating all state-of-the-art-tools from around the world and serves a business’s central nervous system.

How is Whatfix tapping the SMEs- what can others learn?

Anyone using an app that requires onboarding, training, or support is a potential partner for a digital platform business. While a tech company doesn’t necessarily target SMEs, it can attract businesses of all sizes in all industries. However, an ideal target segment includes many start-ups, as the complexity of the problem digital platforms solve varies. The technology application of any business is a unique set of strategies and must work effectively. This helps ensure the optimal use of custom business applications.

Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma
Aakash writes on Startup Ecosystem, Policies, Legal and Regulatory aspects of business planning. An alumnus of Delhi University, he is assistant editor at Dutch Uncles.



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