What Are the New Technology Trends in Education, Coaching and Training?

The latest technology trends which start-ups in education, coaching, and training can pick up.

The Education, Coaching, and Training sector simply cannot make do without technology anymore, thanks to Covid. Technology trends are already so normalised in these sectors, it’s almost like we are forced to embrace the future before it’s already here.

When we talk about Education now, we can’t afford to miss the other half of the word that makes up the brand-new face of it – EdTech. 

EdTech technology trends have already seeped in and start-ups just need to get on board with the newest technology innovations to be ready for 2021:


There is tremendous interest among investors in education, coaching, and training; especially towards test prep coaching start-ups. Last year alone, the industry saw $1.9 B in investments.

End-to-end online classrooms

If you thought EdTech was gaining poorly on creating a typical classroom experience, think again. Online classrooms are not scarcely attended zoom calls anymore. Virtual classrooms are a trending technology trend in education. Start-ups can offer end-to-end virtual classroom setups for the education sector. You can provide education institutions with the means to conduct online lectures for students across the globe. Virtual classrooms use Artificial Intelligence to create an online learning environment, complete with teaching operations. Features like student-monitoring, attendance tracking, and examination invigilation are all a part of this technology. Start-ups in education can incorporate this technology trend in their EdTech products and services.

After-school coaching technology trends:

After-school coaching was seen as the saving grace that was providing students and parents the competitive edge which traditional classrooms failed to provide. But along with online classes, after-school coaching is also being digitally transformed.

Brand-new technology trends which have taken the after-school coaching sector by storm are AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) based technologies. These technologies can automate everything surrounding online coaching including classes, assessments, student interactions and more. Also, backed by these modern technologies, the coaching platform turns into an immersive, lifelike experience. 

Coaching start-ups can look into AR/VR backed technology platforms and garner the interest of students.

Trends gripping the Training Industry in India:

The Education and Training Industry in India enjoyed an FDI equity of up to $3849.20 M by the end of September 2020. 

The training sector has been seeing a number of online bootcamps offered by training start-ups that train professionals in skills like coding.

These online skills schools organise live interactive classes. A technology approach known as ‘Pair Programming’ is used where a student and the mentor work together to code and simultaneously train through collaborative learning.

This training technology trend is already being leveraged by ‘Masai School’, a tech training start-up which recently raised $5M in a Series A funding round backed by both existing and new investors including Omidyar Network India, Unitus Ventures, India Quotient, and AngelList India.

What’s in it for me?

There has never been a better time for education, training and coaching start-ups. The demise of the traditional learning setting is not a setback but is in fact an advantage. That’s because start-ups in this sector have technology backing them. 

Educational institutions are desperate for trending technology solutions that will help them retain students. Start-ups that can fulfil this market demand can ace this space. 

There is tremendous interest among investors in education, coaching, and training; especially towards test prep coaching start-ups. Last year alone, the industry saw $1.9 B in investments.

The avenue is open for start-ups to innovate and scale up effortlessly. 

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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