Weryz, An Enabler Fulfilling Personal And Professional Lives

Weryz, is a personal branding app that helps individuals understand their strengths using their AI powered assessment tool.

In a fiercely competitive business environment, new startups are jostling to own the maximum share in reach and profit pie. We live in a digitally induced lifestyle, surrounded by abundant information and ideas that can be overwhelming at times. It is a risk for the startups and businesses to get lost in the clutter and might even get erased from people’s recall. The distinctiveness is lost in the process, which is why the personal branding of entrepreneurs is imperative.

The road to entrepreneurship is a bumpy one. When an entrepreneur comes out of its cocoon to do something disruptive they undergo several barriers and hardships. These hardships further shape the entrepreneur’s personality and journey to add distinctiveness to it. Many Indian entrepreneurs perceive personal branding to be an advertisement for themselves that might not give the business limelight whereas, effective personal branding can drive tractions to business and generate leads.

Personal branding helps an individual communicate their unique story and draws attention to what matters. It strengthens the trust between business, colleagues, and clients alike while boosting the reputation of the business founder and fostering successful relationships- both personally and professionally.

The art of personal branding is well showcased by Shailja Dutt, founder of Weryz, a personal branding solutions app, helping individuals to deep dive into the brand ‘You’.

Shailja Dutt – her journey of entrepreneurship

Shailja Dutt, an economic honours graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, holds an MBA from International Management Institute. Weryz is not Shailja’s first entrepreneurial attempt. She first stepped into the entrepreneurial shoes two decades ago by establishing Stellar Search-a leadership advisory firm specializing in senior talent acquisition in emerging markets across the globe. It provides services in Leadership Assessment, Executive Coaching, Employer Brand Consulting with its presence in India, South East Asia, and Africa. 

The founder feels that the important aspect of an individual choosing a career path or beginning a business should be finding the ‘Why’ and position themselves as thought leaders. The answer to Why is what most aspiring entrepreneurs do not have an answer to. To enable individuals to showcase their unique journeys and answer the ‘Why’ effectively led Shailja Dutt to set up personal branding firm Weryz in October 2020.  


Weryz helps an individual  discover, define, enhance and promote themselves as a brand.

What does Shailja Dutt’s Weryz do? 

Weryz helps an individual  discover, define, enhance and promote themselves as a brand. Its state-of-the-art AI-powered assessment helps an individual to discover strengths, potential, and what gives them joy. The firm combines the art of effective communication with the science of personal branding. 

Features of the personal branding solution – Weryz

  • Self Discovery: Weryz’s custom-made assessment tool derived from data analytics and backed by years of corporate experience, aims to discover and magnify an individual’s core values and unique strengths.

  • Build Online Reputation:  It strategises communication to amplify an individual’s unique strengths and stories to the right target audience and also measures engagement across social media. The platform’s AI-powered assessment tool helps to uncover potential and help to define purpose. 

  • Get expert assistance: Weryz’s dedicated communication specialists, a network of coaches, mentors, gurus, experts, and its team of content strategists offer guidance and tailor-made solutions at every stage.  

How does Weryz work? 

Weryz app is available in both the App Store and Google Play store. The person needs to download the app, fill in some basic information to complete an assessment. The assessment effectively helps a person to understand themselves better, increase awareness and provide insights into their unique qualities. The assessment is a free test, however, the next process of receiving a detailed report is chargeable at $ 19.99

After the assessment is completed, Weryz recognises strengths and offers guidance to help the individual amplify their story for professional and personal growth. 

What lies ahead for women entrepreneurs in personal branding? 

India already ranks low in female entrepreneurship and also investors are reluctant to invest in women-led startups and businesses. Having strong personal branding will help women entrepreneurs gain a profound presence on social media and establish themselves as thought leaders. People will start to know who you are, attracting the right target audience and opportunities needed to achieve goals.

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