Water in Aluminium Cans, Volnaa Spurs a New Market

Volnaa, a new F&B start-up has launched a unique ‘aluminium can’ packaged drinking water as a sustainable, eco-friendly product.

Volnaa, a beverage company has come up with a unique and surprising product to tackle the mounting problem of plastic pollution due to packaged drinking water. The product is named Volnaa and is a very sleek, interesting answer to on-the-go purchase of plastic water bottles. Volnaa water is ‘Bottled’ in aluminium cans which are 100% recyclable with ‘relock revolution’ – technology that allows for relocking the lids. 

Volnaa Beverages Private Limited is an F&B start-up co-founded in 2020 by Kartik Rajput and Kushagra Sharma. The company is mainly involved in the collection, purification, and distribution of water. However, the idea behind their product is much bigger than this process. Volnaa sources natural mineral water from the Himalayas with a pH level of 7.9.

Reducing plastic pollution: an industry trend

The founders of Volnaa have redefined the generic packaged water bottle. A single use plastic bottle which is responsible for a major portion of the global plastic pollution. By redesigning the packaging of water in an eco-friendly manner, Volnaa has spurred a new market for aluminium can water with relock lid technology. Last year a similar beverage brand ‘Responsible whatr’ had unveiled their ‘water in a can’ product. This goes to show that the trend is catching on in India with new players showing themselves in the new market. 

Increase in sales even with 6x price

The fact that the average price of the aluminium can packaged water costs 6 times higher than regular bottled water doesn’t seem to deter consumers. 

Nevertheless, if the solution is for a good cause, the price paid is worth it. And the problem to be solved is one that’s extremely important if we want to save the Earth from the dangerous plastic pollution which has already reached its peak. Global warming which is showing itself with unpredictable climate change across the globe needs to be tackled now. Putting an end to the production of single-use plastic bottles is a big leap towards ridding the earth of plastic waste. 


Last year a similar beverage brand ‘Responsible whatr’ had unveiled their ‘water in a can’ product.

What’s in it for me?

The beverage industry’s new market for aluminium can water looks promising. The price points for such an innovative product are obviously much higher than its predecessors (single-use plastics). The packaged water market is picking up pace with many other parallel markets like ‘sparkling water’ and ‘black water’ finding favour with consumers. 

The can water is still a novelty, but it’s backed by a very strong cause. With the need for eco-conscious manufacturing of F&B products, this trend is sure to gain traction. If you are planning to enter this market, it’s recommended to wait and see how these new product launches do. The aluminium cans need to be infinitely recyclable, and the business model is based on a ‘circular economy’. India is interested in and steadily moving towards a circular economy which, of course, will encourage more F&B start-ups in the eco-friendly packaged water business to crop up.

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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