Voice Technology and 5 Start-ups Who are Disrupting This Space

Multilingual voice tech products are seeing high adoption by enterprise contact centres.

Voice Technology is a new-age enterprise technology segment that is rapidly coming-of-age. Voice AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that can recognise voices digitally and can decipher speech. It’s scary and fascinating how this technology is slowly becoming more human. Voice AI can be used to emulate human voices and can even naturally converse like a human that enterprises are quickly incorporating for their use cases. Here are 5 voice tech start-ups in India who are disrupting this space.

Slang Labs

Slang Labs is a Bengaluru-based start-up that is working on a multilingual Voice Assistant as a Service platform called ‘Slang Conva’. This is a B2B product which will help other brands to create and add their own multilingual voice assistants to apps. This start-up is making noise in the voice technology space because they are propositioning voice assistants in native Indian languages. They are a disruptor because they are making the voice experience accessible and friendly to consumers. Their plug-and-play-voice assistant solution will help brands create multilingual in-app assistance for customers.


Saarthi.ai is a deep tech start-up which offers a voice-first conversational AI technology. The company is based in Bengaluru and is disrupting the B2B segment in voice by helping enterprises automate their inbound/outbound calls and chats with their conversational voice-first AI assistant. This company is making its fair share of noise in the voice-based enterprise technology market through their conversational AI for low resource, global languages targeted at Indic, South Asian, Arabic and European users.


InCights is a voice biometrics start-up which is a B2B enterprise technology solution provider. They offer a cloud-based voice biometrics solution and a developer platform. They are disrupting the voice-based technology space with their enterprise-grade authentication security systems. They eventually want their enterprise clients to replace passwords with their product offering.


Uniphore is a well-known disruptor to the voice technology space. They provide a conversational AI and automation platform for enterprises. They are a disruptor because their voice solutions are transforming the customer experience for clients. Uniphore’s popular product offering is their voice authentication and biometrics solution ‘amVoice’.


Another noteworthy start-up in the voice technology space is Voxta which is based in Hyderabad. They provide speech technology for their enterprise clients who are mostly call centres. They are a differentiator to the industry since their speech recognition engines can tap into multiple different languages and accents.


Noteworthy start-ups in India offering conversational AI and voice based B2B solutions.

What’s in it for me?

The voice tech industry has been evolving and Voice AI is seeing applications across numerous key industries including healthcare, retail, hospitality, customer service, etc. The Asian market is seeing high adoption of voice AI solutions for commercial applications. The reason why the Asian market is a hotbed for voice start-ups is due to the sheer diversity of languages, accents, and dialects. There’s huge potential for B2B voice tech start-ups to acquire clients in the government, across enterprises, as well as investor interest.

Conversational AI tools have high demand among enterprise contact centres since they are easing the process of customer communication and subsequently enhancing the customer experience. There’s also great demand for chat and voice-based bots that cater to multiple different languages among enterprise contact centres. Ever since the revelation that massive new markets open up by targeting regional languages in India, every industry is in a race to develop multilingual products. Whether its vernacular gaming apps, social media, or speech services, the whole of Indian population can become your consumer base by being inclusive of local languages.

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