Start-ups focus on employee wellbeing during second wave of the coronavirus pandemic

The start-up community is determined on ensuring that their employees get all the help they need to sail through the deadly second wave.

Start-ups are taking Covid-19 head on. Several start-ups have stepped up efforts to create a safety net on their employees during the killer second wave of the pandemic sweeping across India. The focus of these start-ups has been to provide help and assistance where it’s needed the most – their employee fraternity. From creating Covid-19 funds for employees, providing employee wellbeing benefits and financial support for Covid affected employees and their families, start-ups seem to be doing more for their employees than the Government is doing for its people.

Precise employee wellbeing benefits offered.

Start-ups are providing financial assistance to cover covid-related expenses. Funds are being raised to extend physical and mental health care as well as insurance cover. Salary advances are being handed out and arrangements are being made for vaccination drives for employees and their families. 

Home medical equipment like Oxygen Concentrators is being stocked for team members, their families, and communities. 

Several Covid-19 related employee benefits are being rolled out whereby corporates and start-ups are offering to bear the expenses of vaccinations and are organising vaccination camps on their premises. 

Start-ups are also expanding the umbrella of coverage for Covid-19 in their group insurance plans. Employees are getting extra time off to connect with mental health services.


Start-ups are providing financial assistance to cover covid-related expenses. Funds are being raised to extend physical and mental health care as well as insurance cover.

Start-ups in the spotlight

Paytm is the first start-up in the spotlight which has purchased home medical equipment for the families of team members. Impetus Technologies has initiated an in-house, free, cooked meals service for their employees suffering from Covid-19. CapitaLand India is a real-estate firm working to inoculate their employees by arranging vaccination drives. 

Oyo is the next start-up in the spotlight which has prioritised employee wellbeing during the second wave of the pandemic in India. They have come up with new policies starting from vaccination cost reimbursements for employees and their kin. They are doing much more for their employees under preventative wellness exercises to keep them safe. Oyo employees will benefit from free annual health checks, online consultations, 24×7 counselling services, and more. 

What’s more, Oyo is setting aside INR 25000 for families of employees who are home quarantining. The company will be reimbursing expenditures on RT-PCR tests, pulse-oximeters, thermal scanner, administration of oxygen, and more. 

Byju’s on the other hand has established a CEO fund of INR 20 Cr. Specially for bearing Covid-related medical expenses for employees and family. 

What’s in it for me?

Start-ups are doing all they can to contribute their bit towards India’s death rattle against Covid. It seems like Work from Home will be the permanent norm henceforth, since most start-ups who had reopened offices have gone back to the remote work format. 

All businesses are extremely precautious about ensuring that their staff follows all Covid-19 protocols. In-office staffing is almost nil, and employees are being persuading to not leave the safety net of their homes during these trying times. 

Start-ups no longer need to think about investing office spaces since the hybrid workplace model is here to stay. Real estate and travel expenditures can be wisely and judiciously utilised for extending employee wellness benefits and preventive measures so that employees can comfortably and safely work from their homes.

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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