Milk Mantra App DailyMoo, Innovation Tops The Focus

Milk Mantra’s product line is a part of our daily diet and the way the start-up has created credibility with strong packaging, clear communication is commendable.

Dairy food – a space where dozens of start-ups have attempted and failed to serve and survive over the past few years, the Odisha-based venture, Milk Mantra, is thriving. 

Founded in 2009, this dairy food start-up has grown in its space at the back of innovation both offline and online. At present, the company has two dairy plants at Puri and Sambalpur in Odisha with a processing capacity of 3 lakh litres per day and sells around one lakh litres of pouched milk per day besides other dairy products like curd, paneer, milkshakes, and dairy desserts under its brand Milky Moo and Moo Shake.

Along the way, the company has raised $39.5 million in funding over seven rounds.

Inception of Milk Mantra 3.0 

The start-up relies heavily on mom-and-pop stores/daily subscription service to sell its products. However, the company has started building its way to families by leveraging the power of branding, merchandising and using digital media quite extensively. Launching its flagship DailyMoo app was the first step in this direction.

This is a part of the company’s strategy to start mainstreaming in the near future with focus on a hybrid model and subscription app DailyMoo. Milk Mantra has an advantage over its peers as it holds the entire value chain for servicing dairy products. The tagline ‘Put your everyday dairy needs on auto-pilot mode with DailyMoo app’ is the selling point for the start-up. It focusses on words like ‘hassle-free delivery’, ‘truly pure products’, ‘time for milk’ to make the app a part of the daily drill among households.  

Besides heavy marketing and everyday new offerings on the app, the start-up is building up weekly/daily/customised plans for the subscribers where they do not have to go through the process of selecting and ordering a set of items, they require every day.

What Milk Mantra does differently? 

Packaging innovation: Packaging innovations is the biggest selling point of the start-up. It came out with the motto ‘no need to boil’, to tackle the trust deficit among people. The start-up re-engineered the packaging and came up with a three-layered design (TripPak technology) which increased the shelf life of milk by four days and paneer by 21 days. Result: users found the proposition tempting. Hence, keeping quality and extended shelf-life was quite a bright proposition and an advantage over peers.


The tagline ‘Put your everyday dairy needs on auto-pilot mode with DailyMoo app’ is the selling point for the start-up.

The brand: Milky Moo was created with an approach towards innovation in all thing’s ‘milk’. For instance, take MooShake which was created using a ‘sooper ingredient’ – curcumin, a haldi milkshake. The biggest challenge was selling this product which the company tackled by branding, packaging and communicating through comic and pop art, which helped in bringing to life the core proposition – Milk Just Got Sooper.

The character of ‘Super Moo’ was further created in order to be relatable for kids and thus engage them further. Kids, dairy and health is indeed the top seller among parents.  

Milk Mantra’s product line is a part of our daily diet and the way the start-up has created credibility with strong packaging, clear communication is commendable.

Naina Sood
Naina Sood
Naina was former staff at Dutch Uncles, she writes on business-life-cycle, funding, small businesses and start-ups.



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