Meddo, Equipping OPD Clinics with Technology-Enabled Digital Solutions

Meddo is digitally transforming healthcare facilities through their advanced technology offerings.

Everyday doctors and clinicians are overburdened. They have to sift through endless prescriptions, patient files and manually sign papers. Despite being a large industry, healthcare is still using outdated and manual methods and the technology adoption rate is still very poor in Tier II- cities. During a pandemic, this shortcoming is clearly realised. But the good news is that the health tech industry is rapidly increasing its footprint across the country, thus helping doctors and healthcare facilities get a technology upgrade. One such startup is Meddo.

Meddo: A Health Bank

Meddo is a Gurugram based Health Tech start-up that offers a 360-degree connected health platform for city-wise networks of OPD clinics, General Physicians, Specialist and Super Specialist Doctors. Its technology offerings work like a health bank for the patient and his family. Medicine reminders and follow-up reminders for appointment bookings are sent to patients through Meddo. 

How Meddo is digitally transforming OPD clinics

Meddo provides OPD clinics with their technology offerings like ERM systems, diagnostic support, medicine delivery services and support. Empowered by these technology heavy digital solutions, Meddo is transforming them into full-service medical centres. 

Current Market and Players in the Sector

The current market for Health tech start-ups offering technologically advanced digital solutions is seeing huge potential in Tier I cities like Bangalore. In these cities, target consumers like Clinics, Hospitals and Doctors are diverse, and large in number. 

Being tech natives and early adopters of technology, they can assimilate health tech solutions faster and easier. Existing and prominent players in this sector include Dozee, Medikabazaar, Doxper, Cardiac Design Labs and EasyAspataal.

How is Meddo different?

Meddo is different because they have connected with patient needs across their industry years. They have built their product and services around fulfilling clinical priorities and limitations. They aim to transform the highly unorganised ambulatory sector in India into an organised sector. As an omnichannel health tech start-up, they are providing ‘patient-oriented care’. 

Why are their solutions effective and different?

The start-up is bridging the gap between patients and clinics by strengthening the infrastructure and technology between the two. They are also offering administrative support throughout the clinician and patient’s journey. 


The start-up is bridging the gap between patients and clinics by strengthening the infrastructure and technology between the two.

What’s in it for me?

There is an urgent need for digitisation of the healthcare industry in India before the pandemic situation in India continues to worsen. There are thousands of doctor and healthcare chains in the country in need of technology upgrades and digital transformation. Especially in Tier II-cities, the market for digital solutions has huge potential. Cloud-based documentation, digital signage solutions can ease the healthcare process for overworked healthcare service providers. 

As a health tech start-up, your biggest challenge will be building solutions for medical vocabulary. Voice based solutions and speech-to-text solutions are in high demand for hospital chains. Electronic medical records are also a recommended product/service to offer as a health tech start-up. You can either provide patient focused or non-consumer facing solutions in health tech. Patient focused solutions include apps and remote consultation platforms. The non-consumer facing market is much more complex and challenging and will need considerable investment especially for product development.

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