M2P Building a Global Infrastructure Play

M2P is an enabler of other fintech companies and helps them get into new markets.

Technology is an asset in any industry. When your technology game is strong, you can even help your competitors do well in the market rather than thwart their efforts. M2P Fintech is a unique start-up because it befriends banks instead of appearing as a threat to them. They are happy to give other fintech start-ups a leg up and are subsequently scaling up rapidly.

Who is M2P?

M2P Fintech is a start-up based in Chennai founded in 2015 which is an API infrastructure company that works hand in glove with the fintech industry. It’s a pan Asia company with an active presence in the Southeast Asia and MENA regions.

What do they do?

M2P can be thought of as an ‘enabler’ of fintech companies. They enable fintech companies to launch their own products by taking advantage of their superior cutting-edge technology solutions.

How are they different from other fintech start-ups?

The main differentiator of M2P from other fintech start-ups is that they are a B2B solutions provider. They partner with other fintech start-ups, banking, and financial institutions who take advantage of their technology to build fintech products and services. Rather than providing fintech products directly to the customer, they help other start-ups get into the market. Instead of getting into head on competition with other start-ups in the same space, M2P is actively supporting and helping scale up other fintech companies with their technology. This is what sets them apart in the industry.

Product offerings

It offers fintech services like Instant Issuance, Tokenisation, Programmable credit cards. Their services are used to integrate APIs across cards and wallets. They also facilitate neo banking capabilities like bank accounts, deposit accounts and remittances.

The company’s API platform is called YapPay. Other fintech start-ups can support and build payments services on Yap’s API infrastructure platform. Yap provides embedded finance infrastructure for start-ups to build new use cases. Its API helps banks and other financial institutions integrate various digital payment modes to their products like debit, credit, prepaid, QR, UPI and toll payments.

How M2P intends to build large scale product platforms

M2P intends to build large scale product platforms by reimagining their technology stack to serve new products in efficient ways. They will upgrade their platform to serve global use cases by making it cloud-native, cloud-provider agnostic, and by making sure they adhere to high standards of resilience, security, and availability. M2P will eventually build out a global infrastructure play by building large-scale product platforms that conform to global best practices around infrastructure operations.


The main differentiator of M2P from other fintech start-ups is that they are a B2B solutions provider.

What’s in it for me?

While traditional banks are hesitant to partner with fintech start-ups because they see them as direct competitors, M2P Fintech approached them from a very new perspective. The company stepped into the fintech industry when it was still a novel sector in India. The timing was right. They focused heavily on their tech stack which would go on to become their biggest USP.

Their product offerings sat perfectly well with the market demand for cashless payments during the onset of the pandemic and continues to do so. They offered to become the ultimate technology partner of fintech services for traditional banks. The start-up also quickly ventured into new, lucrative markets where they were well received and served a large purpose. They are continuing to explore new and profitable markets across the globe which are proving to be high-growth avenues for the company. These are all the things that M2P fintech did right along their journey which other fintech start-ups can emulate.

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