Its raining IPOs, What This Means for Google Cloud

Google Cloud wants to empower IPO bound start-ups, unicorns, as well as growth stage start-ups with their technology stack.

Google is adamant on making it rain IPOs because of the billions of dollars in funding being pumped into the Indian start-up ecosystem. With big names like Zomato, PayTM, Mobikwik, PolicyBazaar, CarTrade and Nykaa headed for IPO at rapid speed, Google cannot afford to miss the chance at offering up their products and services to them. 

Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have long been actively supporting start-ups in India, taking the cue from the Indian Government’s efforts to bolster the start-up community. Getting help from these tech giants is invaluable because your success rate shoots up. The technology stack and services from tech giants like Google are unparalleled. Start-ups shouldn’t miss the opportunity to apply for support programmes by these big tech firms. 

Google Cloud’s interest for IPO bound start-ups

Google Cloud is interested in IPO bound start-ups and the Indian start-up ecosystem as a whole for two key reasons. One, the capital inflow into the ecosystem is set to touch a high of $19-$23 B by the end of 2021. Two, Google Cloud wants to further bolster the growth of these already-growing start-ups by empowering them with cutting-edge Cloud technology. 

Google Cloud is providing specially designed programmes for start-ups across various growth stages as well as for unicorns and IPO-bound start-ups. Through these programmes, they are providing training, zero credits, mentoring sessions and giving them the opportunity to work with specialists. As start-ups grow and progress towards becoming unicorns, Google Cloud helps tackle their larger problems by making them shift from providing an engagement model to offering solutions. 

How Google Cloud is empowering start-ups and unicorns

Google Cloud is empowering start-ups and unicorns in India by helping them grow the number of monthly active users on their platform. By leveraging Google’s Cloud technology, these start-ups and unicorns are being empowered to achieve key milestones along their growth trajectory. 

Prominent start-ups using Google Cloud infrastructure

Well-known start-ups and unicorns in India using Google Cloud’s infrastructure include Glance (Artificial Intelligence (AI) – based software company), ShareChat (consumer tech unicorn), Rapido (automobile start-up) and Dailyhunt (consumer tech). 

How Google Cloud works with start-ups

Google Cloud works with start-ups by first offering them with cloud solutions and then giving them access to ‘ALL of Google’. What this means is that the start-up will grow with Google. The start-up’s products will also be added to Google Maps. Google will also help with Google Ads integration. 


As start-ups grow and progress towards becoming unicorns, Google Cloud helps tackle their larger problems by making them shift from providing an engagement model to offering solutions.

What’s in it for me?

Google has a number of start-up programmes which are very easy to apply and get approval for. Products and services by the tech giants are all start-ups need to propel them forward since Google’s offerings are very powerful and robust. Migrating to the Google Cloud is very beneficial for start-ups in various growth stages because you not only enjoy tools and resources provided by Google, but you also get support to fix issues along your start-up journey. 

Google is also offering their Startups Accelerator Program (GSFA) through which you can get nurtured for a period of three months with free mentorship and support. It is designed for growth and early-stage start-ups. The leadership training from Google experts that you can avail through this programme will prove to be invaluable in later stages. In this programme, you stand to gain equity-free support, training and credits which you can use to purchase premium Google cloud and other products. 

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