How is Ed-Tech Start-Up LEAD School Making Private Schools Go Digital

Technology solutions for K-12 schools in India by Lead School and how they are digitally transforming private schools.

LEAD School is a Mumbai-based EdTech start-up which recently raised $30 M in a Series D funding round backed by GSV Ventures and WestBridge Capital. The company offers a technology based ‘school solution’ that’s benefitting both K-12 schools in India as well as scores of enthusiastic students across India mainly belonging to low and middle-income families. 

How Private Schools are going digital.

LEAD School provides a Hybrid School Integrated Platform and School ERP system which integrates both online and offline modes of teaching. It onboards all stakeholders directly involved in the learning outcomes of students from partner schools. All the entities that make up the institution partnered with LEAD School, be it the School Owners, the Principal, Teachers, Parents, and Students get access to a dedicated mobile app, teaching and learning tools, and resources. 

LEAD School is digitizing the curriculum of private schools through tech enabled solutions like Reporting & Analytics. Through a multi-modal teaching approach, Lead School is digitally transforming affordable private K-12 schools in India. 


LEAD School provides a Hybrid School Integrated Platform and School ERP system which integrates both online and offline modes of teaching.

Understanding the technology in-depth

Lead School is essentially a Learning Management System for schools as well as parents. It offers unique platforms to every user. For instance, school owners get a bird’s eye view of how the school is running. They also have solutions to manage and track admissions, and performance of staff and students. The whole solution works on the cloud. The student mobile app enables easy access to learning material collaboration with peers. The entire course curriculum, syllabus, practise worksheets and learning content are all digitally enabled. In the true sense of the word, it’s taking traditional classrooms to the digital world. Lead School follows a ‘spiral learning approach’ transforming generic private schools in India into a technologically advanced high-end institution. Lead School goes beyond smart classes, LMS providers, and traditional schools. Classrooms are all tech enabled and students experience high-quality learning. 

What’s in it for me?

Lead School fulfilled a real gap in the education sector of India. Their focus was of improving English fluency among rural students. It was identified as the biggest factor that prevented students of tier 2, 3, and 4 cities and small towns from gaining access to the best available opportunities. 

Ed-Tech is a piping hot sector and start-ups have tremendous potential for providing technology enabled solutions to connect the millions of schools with the millions of students in India. 

Investors are ready to back ed-tech start-ups who can come up with innovative solutions to solve the problems of Indian students. 

Education in India is rapidly transforming, and the field is open for ed-tech start-ups to create consistently high, measurable outcomes for students. 

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