Esper’s Android DevOps Helps Enhance Mobile Experience for Customers

Esper designs and manages connected devices for their clients to help them provide a stellar mobile experience for end consumers.

What is Android DevOps?

Android DevOps is essentially a toolchain for collaboration, visibility, and control right from the development of Android devices through to production. 

Enhancing mobile experience for customers

Esper designs and manages connected devices for their clients to help them provide a stellar mobile experience for end consumers. 

Businesses deploying edge devices for their customers need assistance, especially in terms of Android expertise. This is where Esper’s product/service comes in where the client’s application is tested on all hardware devices. Once tested, the enterprise’s device fleet is ready to be deployed and used by end consumers. 

What Esper holds for logistics, retail, and education customers? 

Mission-critical device deployment

A number of brands have distributed fleets of Android edge devices that are mission critical. The mission being mainly to create a delightful user experience for customers. Esper’s powerful DevOps platform securely streamlines deployment and management of these fleets of devices. 

For Logistics Customers

With Esper, Logistics customers see an increase in productivity and achieve a performance boost. Esper facilitates this by creating an intuitive touchscreen experience for employees of logistics customers.

For Retail Customers

Esper helps retail customers deliver a flawless, modern shopping experience. Esper works to continuously ensure that retail customers have a fresh and engaging experience that’s innovative and cost effective. Thus, consumers stick with the brand, and become repeat, loyal shoppers. 

For Education customers

In the education sector, K12 students are frequently using Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants, and laptops. These devices are being used for remote learning and need to be user friendly for the less tech savvy educators and students.

For distance learning to be a success amidst the pandemic, it’s important that the new normal of student tablets are secure. Managing the student device security risk problem for education customers is a problem that Esper is solving. Deploying connected personal devices in the hands of students poses security risks since there are chances for malicious web entities to get their hands on sensitive, confidential data. 

The student experience must be safe and productive even when unsupervised. Esper helps fulfill the mission of these student devices by securing them with ‘safe search’. With Esper, Education customers can provide a safe mobile browsing experience for students.


Esper designs and manages connected devices for their clients to help them provide a stellar mobile experience for end consumers.

How can it help you empower your Non-IT staff?

Device users at most businesses are non tech savvy people, especially restaurant and retail workers, although millions of fleets of edge devices have been deployed for their use. These devices are commonly seen at appointment check-ins for prescriptions, takeout places, flight check-ins, etc. Esper’s DevOps infrastructure empowers your non-IT staff and users by provisioning these devices, rolling out frequent remote updates, and undertaking scaled deployments for them.

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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