Decoding Health Tech Start-up ‘Breathe Well-Being’s Strategy to Reach 10 Million Indians

‘Breathe Well-Being’, a new entrant to Health tech has rapidly scaled up in just a year.

‘Breathe Well-Being’ is a Gurugram based Diabetes, health-tech start-up which recently raised $1 M in a Pre-Series A funding round backed by 3One4 Capital alongside Angel Investors Sandeep Singhal, Ashish Gupta, and ‘Stanford Angels and Entrepreneurs India’. A new entrant to the health tech industry, this start-up was founded in 2020 and is rapidly scaling up. 

Decoding the strategy

Breathe Well-Being’s strategy to reach out to 10 M Indians suffering from Type 2 Diabetes has been to follow a tech-abled healthcare delivery model since this approach has immense potential. 

Their technology platform, the ‘Breathe App’ runs on a clinically proven digital programme. This programme follows a personalised coach-driven, community-first approach through interactive gamification to help patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes bring down their blood sugar levels, lose excess weight and to reach a point where they can easily wean off medication. 

Impact on the Industry

Breathe Well-Being’s D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) approach is unique in the healthcare sector. Their approach is also built on first principles and fundamentals which is strong and attractive to investors in healthcare. 

The current healthcare industry that caters to Diabetes is based on medications that cause long-term effects on a patient’s health. Breathe Well-Being is making a significant impact on the industry by addressing the problem from its root and by taking a lifestyle approach to treat the disease rather than a symptomatic approach. The results they’ve achieved are tremendous even with their holistic approach. 

How the start-up is a competition

The team behind ‘Breathe Well-Being’ has deep expertise in healthcare, community and lifestyle management. The start-up is a competition because it’s perfectly positioned to create a healthcare revolution in the digital delivery space. 

Why did the growth happen?

The company achieved a high growth rate due to strong ‘word-of-mouth’. The company reported 10000 success stories of pre-diabetic and diabetes patients losing weight and reducing their blood sugar levels. This tremendous achievement has surely accelerated their growth pace through good reviews and recommendations from users. 

The fact that the founders of ‘Breathe Well-being’, Rohan Verma and Aditya Kaicker are both second time founders in the healthcare industry has also contributed to a 30% M-O-M (month-on-month) growth with a 22x rise in their subscription base within 12 months. 


Breathe Well-Being’s D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) approach is unique in the healthcare sector.

What’s in it for me?

Start-ups like ‘Breathe Well-Being’ targeting the lifestyle disease segment are disrupting the health tech industry. They are capitalising on the high demand for healthy living solutions during the pandemic. 

By bridging the digital divide between healthcare experts and people afflicted with lifestyle ailments, these start-ups are taking full advantage of the remote consultation and diagnosis demand in healthcare currently. 

There are a number of players in the market offering technology solutions to combat lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Heart disease, obesity, mental health conditions, etc. The competition is tough, but the trust factor is crucial to onboard and build loyalty among consumers. If consumers trust your product/service and are able to obtain measurable health results, and access to top healthcare experts then the competition from new entrants becomes secondary.

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