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Talking about your dreams and passion will not help in fulfilling those dreams. This poster is crafted to motivate entrepreneurs and business owners to stop talking about their projects and start working hard in reality.



Successful businesses and great entrepreneurs have reached that position because they have worked hard. The reason behind their success is that they stopped talking about their dreams and passions and started working hard instead to turn them into reality. This is the gist of this poster. It inspires entrepreneurs to stop talking and start working for their dreams.

The poster is crafted to spark that fire within an aspiring entrepreneur to turn that idea into a reality. It can help businesses to flare and establish a successful position in the market. In a company, talkers will never become leaders, they’ll also be followers. But someone who can turn their talks into reality will be appreciated. 

This poster comes with multiple purposes. It can be used as a wall poster for office and personal workspace. T can be used as a file or journal cover for students and employees. It can be given away as pamphlets to the new interns to motivate them to do hard work. This poster can also be used as a desktop or smartphone wallpaper to  brighten up your mood and inspire you whenever you use gadgets. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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